The Chicago Bears traded Justin Fields to the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Chicago Bears traded up nine spots in the first round of the 2021 draft to enroll Justin Fields on their roster with the No. 11 pick. However, their lofty hopes turned pale within a short time. Fields understood his time with the franchise was coming to an end in the last season.

Fields even got embroiled in a social media drama by unfollowing the Bears. He was regularly linked to several teams. The signal-caller has finally been traded and the Pittsburgh Steelers will be his new destination for the upcoming season.

Justin Fields to join Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers acquired Justin Fields from the Bears in a trade deal. The transaction involves a 2025 conditional draft pick, starting as a 6th-round pick and potentially escalating to a 4th-round pick based on the quarterback’s playtime, via CBS Sports. It will get upgraded if he participates in at least 51% of the Steelers games this season.

The Steelers gain control over the quarterback until 2027. It will provide the flexibility to exercise a fifth-year option and apply the franchise tag twice if needed.

The signal-caller took to social media to acknowledge his time with the Bears and convey his excitement for the next phase of his career. He expressed gratitude to the Chicago community, his former team, and his teammates.

The quarterback started all 13 games he played for the Bears in the 2023 season. He completed over 61% of his passes for 2,562 yards, nine interceptions, and with 16 touchdowns for an 86.3 passer rating. His ability to contribute in the running game was evident, having rushed for 657 yards along with four touchdowns on 124 carries.

Justin Fields’ career with the Bears saw its share of challenges, including sacks and fumbles, but his potential to thrive in the right system remains undeniable. He now enters a new environment with the Steelers to further develop his skills and make an impact on the field.

Justin Fields to meet Russell Wilson at the Steelers facility

Justin Fields will meet the recently acquired Russell Wilson in the quarterback room of the Steelers. This move comes as the team bids farewell to Kenny Pickett, Mason Rudolph, and Mitch Trubisky, making room for the new duo to lead the team’s offense. Wilson, who recently closed his journey with the Denver Broncos and joined the Steelers, is reportedly poised to take on the starting role. Fields will step in as his backup.

Wilson welcomed Fields to the team via social media. He shared a picture of their handshake after a game between the Broncos and Bears, with the caption, “Let’s get it.”

The two quarterbacks share several similarities, including backgrounds in baseball, Big Ten college pedigrees, and experiences of transferring colleges to elevate their game. Both are eager to bounce back from less-than-ideal performances with their previous teams, with Wilson particularly vocal about his aspirations for further success in the league.

Wilson boasts a wealth of experience with over 200 career starts and numerous playoff victories, but Fields brings youth and potential to the table. Fields is known for his strong arm and ball security, and his running game also sets him apart.

Wilson and Fields will undoubtedly push each other to new heights. It is expected to set the stage for an exciting era of Steelers football. The sky’s the limit for what they can achieve as they strive for success on the field in the upcoming season.


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