“The f*ck you are talking about”: Deshaun Watson’s coach claps back at ex-NFL QB for denouncing Browns’ star’s injury status

The Cleveland Browns, with Deshaun Watson, started the season on cloud nine with a sound victory, prompting the quarterback to arrange a wild party. Though the Browns’ winning streak heated headlines multiple times, especially after defeating the San Francisco 49ers, Watson’s luck somehow tied with consecutive injuries and unnecessary roughness.

While the Browns are having difficult times regarding their QB1, former NFL player Brady Quinn expressed some divergent views for Watson that collected heated answers from Deshaun’s private QB coach, Quincy Avery.

Deshaun Watson’s coach slams Brady Quinn

During his thrilling segment on Fox Sports Radio, Quinn delivered a thought-provoking analogy regarding the current predicament of Deshaun Watson. With a hint of controversy, he insinuated that the Cleveland Browns’ highly regarded quarterback might not possess the same fervor to return to the field, given the colossal magnitude of his jaw-dropping $230 million contract.

“Everyone with a medical opinion has cleared Deshaun Watson. The situation is almost similar to a kid getting a $230 million trust fund. You ask them to get a job and they have no incentive to do it.”

Quinn’s statement has ignited a fire within Avery, leaving him unable to come to terms with the former player’s controversial words. In a fiery exchange, Quinn fearlessly unleashed subtle barbs towards his quarterback, leaving no room for confusion. However, the coach couldn’t control his emotions and referred to Quinn as “a little high school chick” before making a number of insulting comments.

“Brady, I’m a be real. You don’t know what the f— you are talking bout, and sit behind a microphone gossiping like a little high school chick.”

Both of them were spotted engaging in the war of words while Quinn stepped back and initiated to see an end of the heated situation, writing, “How about we massage this conversation and get it to a happy ending? Does that sound satisfactory?”

Is Deshaun Watson injured?

Per FOX 8 News, with 3:13 remaining in the first quarter of Sunday’s game against the Indianapolis Colts, Deshaun Watson was forced off the field after being hit on an incomplete pass. He struggled to raise his right arm and clutched his right shoulder. He headed to the locker room after his consultation with the medical staff.

Subsequently, Watson was seen standing next to Alex Van Pelt on the sidelines, his helmet perched atop his head. According to Adam Schefter of NFL.com, the quarterback’s condition is serious because he still feels discomfort and weakness when moving due to a rotator cuff tear in the subscapularis.

“Some clarity on Deshaun Watson’s injury: doctors told him that he has a strain of the subscapularis within the rotator cuff and he continues to have both pain and weakness with movement. This type of injury in baseball normally causes pitchers to miss 4-6 weeks. Watson continues to work to regain strength and velocity in his shoulder and shorten that window,” the statement read.

In a recent update by Tom Pelissero, it has been revealed that the MRI report of the Brown’s hero has come back with completely positive results. This news is sure to alleviate any concerns surrounding his injury. Tom also confirmed that his throwing shoulder remains unscathed, with no further damage detected. However, when it comes to his availability for the upcoming clash against the Seattle Seahawks, his game status is currently listed as “To Be Determined” (TBD).

“#Browns QB Deshaun Watson had a new MRI on Monday that showed no additional damage to his throwing shoulder. But he’s still working to regain his strength and velocity. The team has said he’s day-to-day and his status is TBD for Sunday vs. Seattle,” the report read.

The seasoned athlete has consistently found themselves in the crosshairs of shoulder injuries throughout the course of this season. The Browns’ have yet to make an official announcement regarding his availability for Week 8. The Browns may once again turn to the talented P.J. Walker to lead their offense, with Deshaun Watson’s availability uncertain. The young quarterback will be keen to show his skills and mettle on the field. Walker will be watched closely as he takes over, eager to make an impression on his club.

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