The Rock announces tribute project for Ric Flair in heartfelt message

 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s decision to join the board of directors of TKO and to form a partnership with The Bloodline in advance of WrestleMania XL caused a great deal of enthusiasm inside the WWE. During this time, his production company, Seven Bucks, is making waves in the film industry with its ambitions to develop a project on the legendary wrestler Ric Flair.

The report was verified by Johnson himself in an interview with The Wrap, which caused a huge amount of excitement among wrestling followers. In response to the announcement, the Nature Boy also spoke highly of the Brahma Bull.

The Rock’s production house to work on Ric Flair biopic

Professional wrestling will never be the same thanks to Ric Flair, who made an unforgettable impression with his flamboyant personality and wild actions. The rise of Flair, from his humble beginnings as a focused Minnesota athlete to his legendary reign as “The Nature Boy,” is an inspiration. Word has spread across the wrestling world that this great character will soon be the subject of a biography. 

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Flair has been in the business for more than half a century, and he is one of only two wrestlers—along with John Cena—to have won 16 World Championships. Two inductions into the Hall of Fame attest to his enduring impact in WWE and establish him as a genuine legend in the world of sports entertainment.

The Rock’s Seven Bucks Productions and Misher Films are now leading the charge to bring his narrative to the big screen. Celebrating the lasting effect of “The Nature Boy” and bringing Flair’s enthralling story to fans throughout the globe, Dwayne Johnson and his production team are thrilled to do so.

Brahma Bull said during the announcement, “As a kid who grew up in professional wrestling, I idolized, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. He was a hero to me. And once I broke into the wrestling business and began to spill my own sweat and blood – my reverence for Ric turned to respect. Because I realized just how rare and impossible it is to disrupt the wrestling business, culture and truly change the game – and that’s exactly what Ric Flair did. This project is personal, and we can’t wait to tell his unbelievable story. As always, thank you for the house, Ric.”

The Rock once got snubbed from Ric Flair’s Mt. Rushmore

Last year, Ric Flair discussed why The Rock’s wrestling career isn’t more legendary. Despite their respective legendary wrestling histories, Flair feels he was ignored when The Rock came to Hollywood. Though Flair has left the ring for good, The Rock returned to action last year and will likely meet Roman Reigns at some point. 

Ric Flair
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 According to Flair, the most revered wrestlers only get a spot on Mount Rushmore, and The Rock’s move to Hollywood disqualified him from that honor. On The Breakfast Club, Flair addressed why The Rock didn’t make the cut, even though many wrestlers put him on their Mount Rushmore. Flair acknowledged that The Rock had good interviewing skills, but he believes that The Rock’s decision to leave professional wrestling for Hollywood was made too quickly and that he failed to live up to the expected tenure in the sport.

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