The Rock delivers a stern warning to Cody Rhodes ahead of WrestleMania 40: “F*ck your story”

WWE superstar, The Rock, delivered a 21-minute speech on social media before his appearance on WWE SmackDown. The speech was directed towards Cody Rhodes and aimed at further developing the storyline involving himself, Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns leading up to WrestleMania 40.

In the video, The Rock addressed some unresolved issues and teased further developments in the huge WrestleMania 40 angle. The Great One shared details of his conversation with Rhodes before the SmackDown event in Birmingham, including what he whispered in his ear.

The Rock brutally slams Cody Rhodes

In the 21-minute segment, The Rock brags about how his comeback has revitalized professional wrestling, making it popular again and bigger than ever. Then, he addresses the criticism he’s received from the “Cody Crybabies,” playing a clip of Dave LaGreca from Busted Open who complained about The Great One taking Rhodes’ spot in the main event of WrestleMania 40 while wearing a pink bathrobe.

The Rock uses this as an example of the ridiculous and false statements he has to put up with. In the video, clips of WWE segments and interviews are selected and edited to support Johnson’s arguments. He seamlessly switches between kayfabe and reality while discussing Cody’s Rumble win, their agreement to have Rhodes step aside to allow for Rock vs. Reigns, Rollins’ involvement, and quotes about Johnson before and after the event.

“Cody Rhodes, for you, the Cody crybabies, for your new best friend the walking clown emoji himself, Seth Rollins, and to your goofy ass dog, you all are advocates of Cody finishing his story. It’s so important. Cody Rhodes, you took something from The Rock. You insulted my family,” said The Rock.

Rock’s seat on the TKO board and his importance to WWE’s deal with Netflix are also discussed. Johnson uses his influence on the business side to ensure Seth loses the WWE World Heavyweight title. He concludes with a great closing line about Rhodes’ precious story.

“You took something from The Rock, you took something from Roman Reigns, you took something from the millions and millions and millions and millions of true real fans who wanted to see the biggest WrestleMania event of all time. You took it away. You took it away. And now, you’re going to pay. Cody Rhodes, from the bottom of my heart, man-to-man: Fuck your story,” said The Rock.

The Rock takes a sly dig at Cody Rhodes’s pet dog

The Rock has shifted to Hollywood mode. Recently, Cody Rhodes hinted that instead of him, Johnson would be facing Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40, which caused a stir online. Fans started several online campaigns to get The American Nightmare his rightful spot. However, things have changed now, and so has Johnson. He has turned heel and officially become a member of The Bloodline, and now he hates Cody Rhodes.

In a 21-minute long video, The Brahma Bull expressed his frustration towards Cody Rhodes. During the video, he unexpectedly mentioned Rhodes’ pet dog, Pharaoh, who ended up getting caught in the middle of the rant humorously.

“You gave The Rock a look, and that’s the same look he gave the world like The Rock went out and ran over your goofy ass dog! That’s the look you gave as The Rock ran over your goofy ass dog,” said The Rock.

Do you think Cody Rhodes will react to the provocation of The Great One? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section below!

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