The Rock: is he now the Head of the Table ahead of Roman Reigns?

Roman Reigns, being the undisputed WWE Universal Champion for over three years, has defeated all the superstars in both RAW and Smackdown roster. After returning to WWE in 2020, Reigns has aligned himself with the wiseman, Paul Heyman, who helped him win the WWE Universal Championship.

Reigns declared himself the Tribal Chief, the head of the table, and the ruler of WWE. Following the return of his cousin, The Rock, into the WWE, now it seems that The Rock aligns more closely with the Head of The Table status than he does.

Has the Rock replaced Roman Reigns in Bloodline hierarchy?

Today, the WWE Universe shocked the fabs when The Rock made a surprise appearance at the WrestleMania XL Kickoff press conference in Las Vegas. The People’s Champion, who was set to face Roman Reigns at the biggest event of the year, had a heated confrontation with Cody Rhodes, after he announced his decision to challenge Reigns for the Universal Championship.

After the press conference, The Rock confronted the COO of WWE, Triple H backstage, and warned him to fix the situation with Rhodes, or else he would take matters into his own hands. He also cursed out Triple H, saying that he would slap the teeth out of Rhodes’ mouth if he ever disrespected his family again.

During this entire segment, Roman Reigns didn’t get a single moment to express his thought against Rhodes. This was unexpected from Reigns, as he is the Tribal Chief and he wants the world to acknowledge him. Reigns clearly had no idea what was going on as the Rock single handedly handled the press conference tonight.

On seeing this, fans took to social media to poke fun at Reigns by mentioning how the Rock fought back to protect his family, while Reigns seemingly didn’t take any action. Fans also added comments like, “Roman Reigns is in the background playing the passive role like the little brother” and “In The Rock’s world, Roman Reigns is the Jimmy Uso.”

Roman Reigns backed by top WWE star

The whole tension on today’s press conference started when Cody took a shot at The Rock and his family, saying that their ancestors would be ashamed of Reigns and Rock for stealing his main event opportunity. This enraged The Rock, who slapped Rhodes across the face, which left the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns to be idle.

Initially it was The American Nightmare, who gave his opportunity to The Rock, for challening Roman Reigns for a WrestleMania match. For the last few weeks, social media has been filled with predictions for the main event match, with fans choosing either Rhodes or Rock, which left the Champion, Reigns, unnoticed.

Roman Reigns and The Rock
via WWE

But after today’s press conference, it is clear that Reigns is not happy upon seeing Rock stealing his spotlight, just as he did to Rhodes. This incident has reignited a possible rivalry between The Rock and Roman Reigns, and added more fuel to the fire for WrestleMania XL. It could also lead to a WrestleMania match for the throne of “Head of the Table.”


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