The Rock went too far when he referred to Cody Rhodes’ dog, Pharaoh “goofy ass dog”

The Rock has faced significant backlash and criticism from the WWE Universe following his participation in the storyline involving Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns. Referring to Rhodes’ fans as ‘Cody Cry Babies,’ The Rock incited further outrage as these fans showed their support for Rhodes to headline WrestleMania 40 instead of The Rock.

Amidst mounting animosity, The Rock recently incurred additional backlash from WWE fans for his apparent lack of respect towards Cody Rhodes’ dog, Pharaoh. Describing the dog as a “goofy ass dog,” The Rock’s remarks further fueled the anger among fans.

The Rock angered wrestling fans insulting Cody Rhodes’ dog

Before making his appearance on today’s SmackDown episode, The Rock went live on his official Instagram account, streaming for 20 minutes. Continuing his tradition of engaging with fans, The Rock once again targeted WWE enthusiasts, crossing a line when he insulted Cody Rhodes’s dog, Pharaoh.

Rock said, “You turned your back & looked at The Rock & instead of looking at The Rock saying “yeah go get him – let’s make history”. Instead you gave The Rock a look & it’s the same look you gave the world, like The Rock went out there & ran over your goofy ass dog.”

Following The Rock’s comments, the WWE Universe erupted in outrage against him, flooding the comment section with expressions of anger. Fans vehemently criticized The Rock, asserting that he had overstepped boundaries with his remarks.

Many fans extended their support for Cody Rhodes, saying, “So mean. Pharaoh is not GOOFY.” Fans expressed their anger and said that Pharaoh is not a goofy dog. This is not the first time, Pharaoh is being trolled in WWE. Before this, during a backstage segment of RAW, Baron Corbin, gave a promo that insulted Rhodes and his dog, which made Rhodes to attack Corbin.

Cody Rhodes’ dog: Who is Pharaoh?

Cody Rhodes’ dog, Pharaoh, is a Siberian Husky and has been a part of the Rhodes family for over a decade. Rhodes adopted Pharaoh in 2011, when he was with WWE. He got Pharaoh as a puppy through a breeder specializing in Siberian Huskies.

‘The American Nightmare’ named him Pharaoh for strength, influenced by his interest in ancient history and mythology. Pharaoh is a familiar presence on social media and often accompanies Rhodes to the wrestling ring. Notably, Pharaoh has made numerous appearances in the wrestling world, spanning both WWE and AEW promotions.

During a RAW episode in June 2023, Pharaoh was seen first time in WWE, when he accompanied Cody backstage. Pharaoh also appeared in AEW All Out 2019, when he walked out with Cody for his match against Shawn Spears.

He is also featured in the WWE 2K24 video game, as a Gold Rarity Manager card and became the first dog to be included in the game. With these special attractions Pharaoh is very affectionate and loyal to Cody, and he never leaves his side.


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