The Undertaker told Mike Tyson’s story about Ultimate Warrior that left the boxing legend stunned

The Undertaker is widely regarded as one of the greatest performers in the history of professional wrestling. The legend retired in 2020 but remains relevant among WWE fans due to his iconic persona. Following his retirement, fans were pleasantly surprised to see him sharing captivating backstage stories on various shows, which was unusual for him as he was always strict about maintaining his gimmick.

The fans were not the only ones left in awe; the legendary boxing icon Mike Tyson himself was left utterly stunned as the Hall of Famer delved into several stories surrounding his former colleague Ultimate Warrior

The undertaker revealed Ultimate Warrior’s reaction

The Undertaker has shared some interesting facts about his former colleagues in different shows after he retired from WWE. He revealed one of those tales about Ultimate Warrior, a well-known wrestler from the 1990s. The Deadman, who witnessed the whole thing from the Warrior’s side, found it hilarious.

In an interview on the “HotBoxin” podcast with Mike Tyson, it was revealed that The Ultimate Warrior, a popular professional wrestler in the late 1980s and early 1990s, had an encounter with a young fan in an airport that left the child upset. The Ultimate Warrior, known for his vibrant wrestling persona and energetic style, was not always comfortable with public interactions. In this particular incident, a child approached him to ask for an autograph, which appeared to irritate the wrestler.

“I’ll never forget this little kid coming up to him,” Calaway said. “He’s like, ‘Mr. Warrior, can I have your autograph?’ and he just goes completely furious. He was like, ‘Leave me the f**k alone!’ I’m like, ‘Holy…’ This little kid’s terrified, right? So the mom comes and gets the kid and walks off. I go over, and I’m like, ‘Jim [Jim Hellwig, Warrior’s real name], you can’t do that.'” said The Undertaker.

Explaining this incident The Phenom also said that Warrior was a great guy, and it was just the way people loved him.

The Undertaker messed with Warrior during match

In 2022, on the “HeatBoxin” podcast with Mike Tyson, The Deadman of WWE revealed lots of information on his former colleague Ultimate Warrior. During the whole podcast, he gossiped about several stories about his friend’s career. There was one story where he explained how he messed with Warrior’s flashy in-ring style.

Warrior had one of the best entrances among WWE wrestlers in the late 1980s and early 1990s. To pull off this stunt, the Hall of Famer made a flashy entrance and then ran very quickly to the ring. His performances were typically high-octane, showcasing his strong physique.

Mike Tyson asked The Undertaker whether Warrior was the kind of wrestler who fought others backstage

“No, no. I wrestled Warrior quite a bit when I first came up [to WWE]. Warrior was so strong that he’d always run down to the ring full speed, bouncing around, but the thing was, after he did that, he was gassed. He was blown up. He couldn’t hardly breathe,” said The Deadman.

He also mentioned that there were moments when he tried to keep the fights long, but Warrior wouldn’t agree because of his limitations, and The Phenom revealed that he did it sometimes intentionally.

“He [Ultimate Warrior] was good for about 10 minutes, and then you didn’t know what you were going to get. He was turning purple. There was a little oxygen depletion going on there. He was so big and strong.”

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