Themba Gorimbo wins big at UFC Vegas 85 with The Rock’s encouragement

Former EFC welterweight champion Themba Gorimbo has now secured two victories in a row in the UFC after his setback on his debut. Gorimbo took just 32 seconds to get a TKO victory over Pete Rodriguez in the preliminary card of UFC Vegas 85.

Gorimbo gained widespread recognition when Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson purchased an apartment for him, learning about the African fighter’s charitable efforts despite his limited financial resources. Currently training at MMA Masters in Florida, Gorimbo works alongside three-time welterweight title challenger Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington. Recently, he voiced his thoughts on a possible UF title shot.

Themba Gorimbo talks on UFC title shot

Themba Gorimbo has only fought thrice in the UFC with a 2-1 record, but he has already set his sights on the UFC welterweight title. Gorimbo spoke of his plans of getting a chance at a title fight in the post-fight press conference.

“What is going to happen is going to be something like a short notice fight with a guy in the top 10, and I’ll beat him, then I make my case”, Gorimbo revealed how he aims to climb the ranks and present a strong case for a shot at the welterweight title.

“It’s not going to be a clear pathway. I have to fight through the rankings. I don’t have to do that”, Gorimbo further went on to state that he isbn’t going the conventional route to get a title shot. He mentioned, “It will be Leon or Rakmanov. I believe those are the two guys that will be at the top by the time I get there,” referring to his expectations of who the champions will be when he reaches his goal.

Leon Edwards holds the current UFC welterweight title, having successfully defended it twice. Meanwhile, Shavkat Rakhmonov is emerging as a rising contender in the division, boasting a 100 percent finish rate. Edwards recently secured a unanimous decision victory over Gorimbo’s teammate Colby Covington at UFC 296.

Rakhmonov too fought at UFC 296 and secured a submission victory over two-time welterweight title challenger Stephen Thompson. Gorimbo is presently not ranked in the division, but he has already stated that he is a dangerous matchup to the top 10 welterweights in the UFC.

The Rock sent strong message to Themba Gorimbo

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson had a wonderful message for the African fighter before his fight with Pete Rodriguez at UFC Vegas 85. “He fights to pay it forward 🙏🏾👏🏾💪🏾Wishing my brother @TheAnswerMMA best of luck today in his @UFC welterweight fight”, the Rock tweeted his support for Gorimbo.

“Themba’s amazing story caught my eye when MMA fans sent me an ESPN tweet where Themba had just $7 bucks in his bank account before his last fight”, the Rock further added reminding the fans of the amazing story of Gorimbo that had caught his eye. Like Gorimbo, the Rock was also broke before his rise through the ranks in WWE.

“I flew to meet him and instantly realized he’s a special & humble human being. I’m honored to play a very very small role in his inspiring journey”, the Rock concluded the tweet. Gorimbo looks up to the Rock and has even stated that he will be there to watch the Rock take on Roman Reigns in the upcoming WrestleMania.

The Rock is a new member of the parent holding company of the UFC and WWE, TKO Group Holdings. His new role came in the backdrop of the resignation of Vince McMahon, the TKO Executive Chairman who had to step down after sexual misconduct allegations from a former WWE employee.

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