“Thought it was Goldberg”: Batista’s unrecognizable transformation leaves WWE fans baffled

Dave Bautista, known by his ring name Batista, had a remarkable journey from the wrestling ring to the silver screen. Being a six-time world champion and two-time WWE champion, he had one of the most dominating WWE careers of all time. He was called the ‘Animal’, due to his massive physique and intense actions inside the ring.

Over the last two months, concerns have been growing regarding his health status as he has been shedding more weight in preparation for his upcoming movie. However, WWE fans were taken aback yesterday when they witnessed his transformed physique during a live event.

Batista shows off unrecognizable look at recent movie premiere

During the movie premiere of “Dune 2” this Sunday, Batista, who plays the role of Glossu Rabban, made his presence at the event. In the event, Batista looked almost unrecognizable with his new physique and his look. Batista appeared noticeably slimmer with a white beard, a look he has adopted for his character in the movie. At the event, he discussed his role and the physical transformation he underwent to embody the character.

He said, “I think that is the one moment where you get to see the true essence of who Rabban is. Most actors might look at that scene and be like, ‘I don’t want to do that’. And I read that scene and I was like, ‘man, that’s great.’ Because that’s when you get to see the layers of the character and that’s when you get to see who Rabban really is. Any big, tough guy could play this big, menacing, ominous brute. But when you add the layers to him, especially in that moment, that’s a performer’s dream. That’s my dream.”

After retiring from wrestling, Batista turned his focus to acting, where he found considerable success. Despite his role as Drax in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which brought him global recognition, the Dune franchise has allowed him to showcase his range as a serious and dramatic actor. His dedication to his role underscores his commitment to advancing as an actor and establishing a legacy beyond his wrestling persona.

Fans react to Batista’s transformation

Compared to previous Hollywood roles, Batista shed a significant amount of weight for his portrayal of Glossu Rabban in Dune 2. This transformation came as a surprise to wrestling fans, who have long associated him with his imposing physique throughout his career.

On seeing his recent photo, fans started to express their feelings about seeing his new look. Some fans also added, “It’s Goldberg”, comparing his new look to the former WWE star Goldberg.

Fans also made comments that gave a throwback to his WWE career during the early 2000’s. Comments like, “He’s now at the stage of “grandpa, tell me about back in the day when you were the animal,” started popping, as they were really frustrated to see their childhood hero in this look.

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