Throwback: Beyonce once expressed admiration for 22-year-old Lewis Hamilton amid spectacular F1 debut for McLaren

Lewis Hamilton has been in the sport for many years, earning his fair share of praise and achievements. He is a well-known figure in Formula 1 for the 7 titles he has managed to secure in his career, and even outside the sport.

He is well-known among celebrities from other sports and films, and his involvement in filmmaking is expected to further increase his influence in Hollywood. However, Hamilton had already gained significant attention prior to his remarkable achievements in F1. He was actually highly acclaimed by a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Beyonce’s admiration for 22-year-old Hamilton

Hamilton had a record breaking debut in Formula 1 with a plethora of points in his first season in the sport, a record which only Oscar Piastri was able to come close to. The first racer of color in the sport took the sport by storm, and even the old legends of Formula 1 couldn’t help but fawn over his unbound talent. He has come a long way since then as one of the most prominent British drivers, but not many are aware of a secret praise mentioned in his biography.

A young rookie with bright prospects via Getty
A young rookie with bright prospects via Getty

The author of Hamilton’s biography, Frank Worrall wrote, “By the time of the US Grand Prix, world famous celebrities were queuing up to meet the boy who had taken racing by storm. Yet even the stars of showbiz who had so easily fallen under his spell – including the singer Beyoncé, who was said to have been ‘very taken’ with Lewis when they were introduced – spoke of his charm and endearing normality.”

It seems like the Formula 1 sensation charmed the musical sensation. Lewis has had many encounters with celebrities since then, including a potential relationship rumor with Shakira, another pop star and singing idol.

Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and Mercedes GP prepares to drive in the final practice session prior to qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps on August 24, 2013 in Spa, Belgium.
Hamilton makes a breakthrough in F1 via Getty

Lewis Hamilton’s near-championship triumph in 2007

In 2007, during his rookie year with McLaren, Lewis Hamilton was paired with the defending champion Fernando Alonso. A chain reaction of controversial moments and teammate battles ensued from the start of the season. Alonso sought maximum support from the team to secure his third title, but Hamilton’s exceptional talent posed a significant obstacle in his path.

Lewis Hamilton
a disastrous pair via F1

His 2007 season was involved in many scandals, but none could deny the fact that Lewis Hamilton was a generational talent who came into the sport to make a mark like no other. Much to people’s surprise, Hamilton ended up second in the driver’s championship, but only with a point to 1 against the title winner Kimi Raikkonen. Although Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton were tied on points, Hamilton’s overall performance throughout the season was better.

Lewis Hamilton had a sour relationship with the Spaniard in his early days, however, they seemed to have calmed down lately. Even Nando claims that Lewis is his motivation to continue in F1.

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