Throwback: Cody Rhodes once beat Roman Reigns’ Shield to win back his and brother Goldust’s WWE job

Cody Rhodes portrayed various gimmicks during his WWE tenure before adopting ‘The American Nightmare’ persona. From being a member of Randy Orton’s Legacy to his brief stint as Stardust, Cody consistently showcased his entertaining athleticism.

In 2013, Triple H issued an ultimatum to the Rhodes brothers, stating they had to defeat Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns of the ‘Shield’ at Battleground to remain in WWE. Cody Rhodes made history by triumphing over his opponents and securing their continued employment.

Cody Rhodes once beat Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins to win back the WWE job

A decade ago, WWE was under the Authority’s jurisdiction. Back then Triple H and Stephanie McMahon decided everything, and what is ‘Best for Business.’ At that time Randy Orton was “The Cerebral Assassin’s” prodigy, and in a match to decide Cody Rhodes’s future, Orton took the victory. After that Goldust also lost his match, which later evolved into a career on the line match on Battleground.

Accompanied by their legendary father Dusty Rhodes, the brothers opted to face The Shield to retain their jobs. In the initial phase of the match, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns asserted dominance, employing various maneuvers such as suplexes, clotheslines, and big boots to determine the outcome.

During the bout, Dean Ambrose, positioned at ringside, attempted to intervene, but Dusty utilized his belt to deter Dean. In the closing moments, Seth Rollins tried a roll-up pin, but Cody Rhodes evaded the pinfall and surprised Rollins with a successful ‘Cross Rhodes,’ securing the victory.

WWE legend has an interesting pitch for Cody Rhodes’ WrestleMania 40 match

WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray recently discussed Cody Rhodes being betrayed by ‘The Architect’ Seth Rollins in his match against the ‘Head of the Table’. After Cody challenged Reigns for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship at WrestleMania 40, fans were surprised when Seth Rollins said that he would keep ‘The Bloodline’ away from Rhodes’ match.

During an episode of Busted Open Radio. Bully Ray discussed the possibility that Rollins will cost Rhodes his match. He said, “I like the idea of Seth screwing Cody over because it extends Cody’s story. If they decided to have Seth Rollins screw over Cody, I wouldn’t have a problem with it because it would make sense. Once the story’s over, the story’s over.”

He continued by saying, “Now, we’re relying on Cody to carry the company for however long. I still stand firm on my suggestion and opinion that Cody’s story needs to end where Dusty’s started. Madison Square Garden is the absolute best idea — the best place for this story to end.”

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