Tom Aspinall clears air on hostile encounter with Jon Jones: “Fight the guy and take his belt”

The UFC’s heavyweight division has Jon Jones and Tom Aspinall as the undisputed and interim champions respectively. The duo met for the first time in person in Birmingham at a Cage Warriors event and the interaction was awkward even though they posed for a picture together.

Will Jon Jones and Tom Aspinall lock horns inside the octagon? Will Jones retire from MMA after his fight with Stipe Miocic? Fight fans highly anticipate the fight between the heavyweight titans of the UFC.

Video: Tom Aspinall and Jon Jones’ fiery encounter

Tom Aspinall and Jon Jones exchange pleasantries in Birmingham. Aspinall resides in Salford, which is an hour and a half away from Birmingham. The two have been exchanging jabs on social media.

However, their meeting lacked much animosity. After they shook hands, Aspinall placed his hand on Jones’ shoulder, which the undisputed heavyweight champion did not appreciate as he shrugged it off.

Moreover, Jones did not agree to Aspinall’s request to have a face-off in front of the fans. Nonetheless, he did agree to pose for a picture. The videos of their interaction went viral on social media. Nonetheless, the chances of a fight happening between the two are extremely low, particularly as rumors circulate of the retirement of Jones after his fight with Stipe Miocic on his comeback.

Tom Aspinall still hopes to challenge Jon Jones

Fight fans found Tom Aspinall putting his hands on Jon Jones as a form of disrespect. However, Aspinall did not mean it that way. After all, he did the same when he faced off with Sergei Pavlovich inside the octagon at UFC 295.

“I wasn’t there to be disrespectful…I was doing it in a friendly way. I didn’t want to, I’m not trying to cause any beef,” Aspinall said of the incident in his interview for JNMEDIA UK. “I’m trying to fight the guy and take his belt, that’s what I want. No beef against the guy,” he further added.

Even though Tom hopes to fight Jones, it is very unlikely. However, he will likely get the chance to avenge his only loss in the UFC, which was against Curtis Blaydes. Blaydes knocked out Jailton Almeida at UFC 298 and called for a rematch with Aspinall in London, which Aspinall agreed to without hesitation.

Aside from that fight, Aspinall plans to have one more fight in 2024. If Jon Jones chooses not to retire after his fight against Miocic, there is a chance that Aspinall would be next for Jones if he still holds the interim champion title.

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