Tom Aspinall’s cryptic IG post hints at potential Alex Periera bout at UFC 300

Tom Aspinall, after securing victory in the bout against Sergei Pavlovich for the interim UFC heavyweight championship, is eagerly anticipating a significant challenge. Since November 2023, Aspinall has been patiently awaiting a major matchup.

Aspinall is expressing his desire to claim the ultimate UFC gold. Unfortunately, UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones has already committed to a fight with Stipe Miocic. If not against the UFC heavyweight champion, Aspinall is eyeing another champion vs. champion showdown.

Tom Aspinall teases Alex Periera bout

Interim UFC heavyweight champion is once again getting into talks to fight in a big match-up. This time Tom Aspinall is teasing to fight against UFC light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira at the upcoming UFC milestone event that is going to take place on April 13th.

After securing the knockout victory over Sergei Pavlovich, Aspinall remained in the news for challenging Jon Jones, who is recovering from an injury. Tom Aspinal’s offer was for Jon Jones, and also for former UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic, both of whom declined the offer.

Later, Aspinall comes up with the idea of fighting against UFC light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira. While there hasn’t been any official confirmation of this anticipated bout from the UFC, Tom remains consistently excited about the potential big match since securing the temporary UFC heavyweight belt.

On Instagram, the 30-year-old posted a screenshot of his trip bookings, indicating a journey to Las Vegas on April 7 and a return to London on April 14. Interestingly, this aligns with the timeframe of UFC 300, scheduled for April 13.

Tom Aspinall talks about a chilling meetup with Alex Pereira.

Former UFC middleweight champion and current UFC light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira had an encounter with Tom Aspinall. Aspinall now shares details about the scenes and his thoughts on the meeting.

Tom recounted his experience of encountering Alex Pereira in New York. Aspinall mentioned that Alex appeared “frosty,” indicating his calm demeanor. They were seated almost next to each other during the conference.

After the press conference, they got off, and Tom recognized Alex Pereira. Then he said, “I said he thinks he can beat me, you know,” via essentially sports. Though Tom did clarify, he was making all this up in his mind after he got to know ‘Poatan’ had a desire to fight in the heavyweight division.

According to LowKickMMA, Alex Pereira once revealed that he has the desire to fight in the heavyweight division, but not just climb up the ladder. Firstly, Alex wants to get used to the light heavyweight division, then he plans to go up in the division.

What do you think the teaser from Tom Apsinall is about the actual fact that UFC Dana White has yet to announce?


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