“Tom Brady didn’t drop out of the sky”: Ernie Adams sheds light on Brady’s journey to Hall of Fame career

Tom Brady is widely regarded as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. The quarterback has amassed an impressive list of accolades, including seven Super Bowl titles, five Super Bowl MVP awards, and numerous Pro Bowl selections.

Brady has now retired from his prolific football career. The veteran is now busy in his investment in sports teams while maintaining his personal business, like TB12. Even after announcing his retirement, the former football research director for the Patriots, Ernie Adams, discussed the quarterback’s ascent to the NFL on his way to becoming the potential HOF.

Ernie Adams discusses Tom Brady’s path to HOF career

Ernie Adams delved into Tom Brady’s extraordinary journey to a Hall of Fame career in a recent appearance on Julian Edelman’s “Games With Names” podcast. He described TB12 as someone who believes in practicing in front of a mirror to refine his skills.

The veteran labeled this behavior as “obsessive-compulsive.” He noted that such dedication can sometimes be seen as troublesome. But in Brady’s case, it led to unparalleled success on his way to a HOF career.

“Tom Brady didn’t drop out of the sky a hall of fame quarterback, he MADE himself a hall of fame quarterback”, he said.

Even Julian Edelman attested to Tom Terrific’s unparalleled work ethic. He recalled instances where the signal-caller would bring his coach to the team facility mid-season to fine-tune his skills. Both Edelman and Adams agreed that this aspect of Brady’s character is often overlooked, with many failing to comprehend the sheer level of effort he invested in his craft.

Keeping serious discussion aside, Edelmab once shared the story of stealing Brady’s game-worn cleats, jerseys, and even deodorant. He jokingly attributed it to Brady’s pleasant scent on the practice field. TB12’s former teammates were indeed head over heels about their quarterback.

Ernie Adams once detailed Tom Brady’s rise in NFL

A few stories rival the improbable ascent of the 2001 Patriots to Super Bowl glory under Bill Belichick’s leadership. At the heart of that legendary run was Tom Brady. His journey from fourth-string obscurity to championship quarterback is an example of his determination and attention to detail. Ernie Adamsrecently shared insights into Brady’s rise in a revealing interview on the “Past Pats” podcast,

“Tom would jump on a receiver for cutting his route off at nine yards instead of 12 yards because it’s doing all the little things, it’s all the details every day. You have to do it and get it right. Because when you get down to those critical situations in the championship game, where you got the whole season riding on one play, it’s the ability to execute the fundamentals just right that makes the difference”,, he said via Patriots Wire.

It was in Super Bowl XXXVI that Brady’s mettle was truly tested, as he sealed a game-winning drive to secure the Patriots’ first Lombardi Trophy. His ascent from an unheralded backup to a championship-winning quarterback was complete in that moment of victory.

Tom Brady

“Being realistic about it we knew after the 2001 season that Tom was going to be our quarterback. We weren’t going to have Drew here as our backup. That realistically was not going to happen.”

Belichick has now parted ways with the Patriots and Brady retired two years ago. Their paths may have diverged, but their shared journey to greatness remains written in the annals of NFL history.


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