Tom Brady’s friendship with Tiger Woods set to rekindle at PGA event

In all the years of the NFL, rarely has there been a more impactful player than Tom Brady. Over the span of two decades, the man has lit up the league with his sublime skill and guile on the pitch. Arguably one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Tom Brady is surely a frontrunner in the GOAT conversation.

During his career, the seven-time Super Bowl champion has formed deep friendships with some of the best in the business, and not just in the NFL. In fact, Brady shares a longstanding bond with golf legend Tiger Woods, and the two are set to rekindle their bromance again soon. Let’s find out more.

Tom Brady set to link up with Tiger Woods at PGA event

There was one point in time, during the height of their respective careers, when Tiger Woods and Tom Brady were the best of buds. Over time, the friendship faded as the two became distant due to a number of reasons. However, they are set to meet again during the Seminole Pro-Member Golf Event this week.

The star-studded event is where the two heavyweights of the game will enjoy a day out and try to put on a show for their respective fans. The two will surely have a lot of catching up to do, considering that it’s been a while since the bromance faded away.

Tom Brady’s friendship with Tiger Woods reportedly ended due to Gisele Bundchen

Now that they’re set to rekindle their bromance, a few sources have speculated about the reason behind the friendship fading off in the first place. Surprisingly enough, it turns out that Gisele Bundchen, the ex-wife of NFL legend Tom Brady, was the culprit hidden in the shadows.

According to the Inquisitr, Gisele Bundchen could not find common ground with Erica Herman, who is the ex-wife of Tiger Woods, and hence wanted Tom to stop setting up double dates with the couple. While Brady resisted at the start, he eventually gave in and thus started the end of a long friendship.

Now, as it turns out, both Herman and Bundchen have separated from their respective beaus and are seeing other people. Gisele Bundchen, in fact, has started to see her own Jiu-Jitsu instructor, Joaquim Valente, and has been spotted together on numerous occasions.

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