Tom Lockyer cardiac arrest: update on Luton captain’s current condition

It is a sad thing in soccer when players are afflicted on the pitch when playing, with another such incident occurring in the Premier League. Denmark captain Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest during the Euro 2020 competition, and many such incidents have become common, with even a fan passing away in a La Liga match.

This time, it was Luton Town captain Tom Lockyer who suffered a cardiac arrest on the pitch, which led to the match being suspended until further notice. However, there is some good news regarding that, along with a touching gesture.

Tom Lockyer medical update

Newly promoted Luton Town’s captain, Tom Lockyer, unfortunately suffered a cardiac arrest on the pitch during a Premier League clash against Bournemouth this Saturday. It happened in the 60th minute of the game and was quickly stretched out by paramedics. The game was suspended with the score at 1-1 and is to be played on another occasion. Lockyer was sent to the hospital to receive further treatment.

Tom Lockyer is now responsive and stable, thanks to confirmation from the club itself. In the statement they said, “Our medical staff have confirmed that the Hatters captain suffered cardiac arrest on the pitch, but was responsive by the time he was taken off on the stretcher.”

“Tom was transferred to hospital, where we can reassure supporters that he is stable and currently undergoing further tests with his family at his bedside.”

It was not the first time this happened to the player, with a similar incident happening during the championship playoff final last season. It was the game where they clinched promotion to the Premier League. Apparently, he has a heart condition for which he has also undergone surgery.

Luton manager’s touching gesture goes viral

When the captain fell unconscious on the pitch, it was manager Rob Edwards who rushed on to the pitch. He asked players from both sides to give the afflicted some space and called on paramedics to help. The game was stopped, and all the players and the managers went into their dressing rooms.

After the game was suspended, both sides’ supporters started to belt out Lockyer’s name, and the Luton players and manager came out from the tunnel to show their support to the fans. They did a full lap and applauded all the fans for their immense support.

Manager Rob Edwards was seen in tears, while he personally applauded the fans for their support. It is clear that he was emotional and shocked by the incident.

It is unexpected that Tom Lockyer will be in Luton Town’s next games, but he may yet make a comeback onto the pitch.

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