Toto Wolf takes strategic steps to potentially bring Max Verstappen to Marcedes in 2025

Despite Max Verstappen’s outstanding performance on the grid since the beginning of the season, Red Bull has suffered a significant blow due to recent media revelations. The media has been consistently questioning the Dutch driver’s future at the F1 team amidst the Christian Horner scandal.

However, Toto Wolff has expressed his willingness to hire Verstappen as the main driver if given the opportunity in the future.

Wolf recognises the importance of Hamilton’s replacement as Verstappen’s decision

Red Bull’s Christian Horner has been involved in a scandalous event during early February, which has severely tarnished the reputation of the Formula One team. The team’s principal has been accused of assault allegations by a female colleague, who threatened to sue the organization if any serious actions did not take place.

As a result, an external investigation was conducted, which ultimately proved Christian Horner’s innocence in the end. After the result, even though the female colleague was suspended by the parent company of Red Bull, the media still continued to defame the F1 team, which ultimately triggered Verstappen’s father, Jos Verstappen.

Afterwards, Helmut Marko, the team advisor, was also at risk of losing his job. Verstappen and Marko share a very special bond, which is why the Dutch driver had expressed to the media that, if the team advisor were to lose the job, Verstappen would immediately part ways with the team.

On the other hand, there have been many speculations indicating that Toto Wolff has expressed his desire to hire Verstappen as their main driver to fill up the huge gap in their performance from the 2025 season. Currently, the three-time World Champion is the sole driver who could lead them as a team fully, despite the absence of Hamilton in the long run.

When he was asked if Verstappen would be driving for his team next season, Wolff replied, “If I would know…At the end, Max is in the quickest car and this is what a driver is always going to look at.”

“He’s in a fantastic place in his career and then it will be a decision that is up to him to say, ‘is it an environment that I’d like to change and if yes, where do I want to go?'”

Max Verstappen to drive for Red Bull until 2028.

After Helmut Marko was accused of leaking confidential information regarding the team, his suspension was quickly dismissed shortly after the accusations, clearing his image in the F1 team. Therefore, Marko has also voiced his opinions regarding the ongoing transfer rumours about Verstappen’s future, guaranteeing his tenure by saying, “In general I would say yes, but after this year in which so much has already happened…As long as we can offer him a competitive car, I think his future is not an issue.”

Verstappen has also confirmed his place in Red Bull when asked about his current contract, which lasts till the 2028 campaign, by firmly saying, “That’s why I signed the deal in the first place.” This has officially put a temporary end to his transfer speculations.

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