Trick Williams girlfriend: is he dating Lash Legend from NXT?

Trick Williams is one of NXT’s most captivating superstars, currently embroiled in a bitter feud with former best friend Carmelo Hayes. In addition to this, Williams has other exciting developments taking place.

During tonight’s episode of NXT, Williams challenged Hayes to a one-on-one match at NXT Stand and Deliver to resolve their ongoing issues. Right after the challenge, he was confronted by the members of the Meta-Four faction. Despite being outnumbered, Trick Williams managed to overpower them all. However, a surprising moment occurred during the brawl.

Is Trick Williams dating Lash Legend?

On the March 12 episode of WWE NXT, Trick Williams closed out the show with a significant accomplishment. He settled his feud with Carmelo Hayes, which has now escalated to a physical level, and they will have a brutal match at Stand & Deliver. In addition, before the big event, Williams had to attend to a personal matter.

Noam Dar and the Meta Four came out and interrupted Trick in the middle of his promo, where he challenged Hayes to a match at Stand & Deliver. Dar said that he and Williams have something in common because they both lost something close to them at Roadblock.

During the event, Dar lost his Heritage Cup, and Williams lost Carmelo Hayes. Later, the Meta Four appeared on the apron, and Trick Williams boasted about being the hottest talent in NXT. He also mentioned that Lash Legend was showing interest in him.

In the middle of the wrestling ring, the Meta Four made an entrance, and Williams wasted no time getting into action. He emerged victorious in his matches against Noam Dar and Oro Mensah, and then he held Lash Legend close in his arms. They exchanged a long, intimate look before sharing a passionate kiss. This display of affection seemed to confirm the rumors about their off-screen romance. Later, Williams asked Lash Legend to give him a call, tweeting “@lashlegendwwe call me 😘” to keep the hype going.

There have been sightings of two NXT Superstars together in public over the past few months. Several fans believed that the two might have become a couple. It seems that Trick Williams confirmed this rumor about his personal life during the booking of a match against Carmelo Hayes for NXT Stand & Deliver.

What is next for Trick Williams?

Rick Williams and Carmelo Hayes will face off at NXT Stand & Deliver. Williams may also have a match against Noam Dar on NXT next week, but his focus remains on WrestleMania weekend.

During the March 12th episode of WWE NXT, Trick Williams expressed his feelings of betrayal and challenged Hayes to a match at NXT Stand & Deliver. Williams emphasized that Hayes would never measure up to his level and vowed to settle the score for the injustices committed against him.

During his proclamation, the wrestler Williams was interrupted by a group called the Meta-Four, which consisted of Noam Dar, Oro Mensah, Lash Legend, and Jakara Jackson. Despite acknowledging Williams’ prominence in NXT, Dar expressed his desire to share the spotlight, which created tension between them. As the argument escalated, a brawl broke out, and Williams had to fend off the members of the Meta-Four.

Do you think Trick Williams and Lash Legend will get into a relationship? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section below!

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