Trish Stratus teases 2024 WWE comeback after 15 years hiatus and brief appearances

Legendary wrestler Trish Stratus turned her attention to business and family after leaving WWE in 2006 at Unforgiven PLE. She made a full-time return to the ring in 2022 after making occasional appearances over the years due to her enthusiasm for wrestling.

Starting with the buildup to WrestleMania 39 and culminating in a rivalry with Becky Lynch, Trish Stratus went on a lengthy journey. There is still no word on whether or not the 48-year-old will return to WWE after her tenure at Payback ends. She recently acknowledged the unwavering support from her followers and showed her excitement for her wrestling return.

Trish Stratus teases WWE comeback in 2024

Hall of Fame WWE wrestler Trish Stratus returned successfully after a nearly twenty-year hiatus. In a match against Damage CTRL, she made her return in the buildup to WWE WrestleMania 39, along with Lita and Becky Lynch. By betraying Lynch and starting a protracted conflict, Stratus prolonged her stay.

Trish Stratus
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Stratus promised to be a permanent fixture on Monday Night Raw after being drafted to the show in the 2023 WWE Draft. Her participation in weekly television shows and other high-profile live events allowed her to meet this obligation. When Lynch won a steel cage match against Stratus at the 2023 Payback Premium Live Event, the rivalry was finally over. Stratus rudely ended her relationship with her trainee Zoey Stark by slapping her after the fight. After that, the 48-year-old stopped appearing on television.

There have been rumblings that she may return for a major rivalry at WrestleMania, maybe against Bianca Belair or to finish up her program with Stark. Many are wondering what the future holds for Stratus in the wrestling industry after an interview she gave to GAW TV hinted at some interesting changes in 2024.

She said in the interview, “I’m excited. We’re on a roll here. Good things are happening, new opportunities and stuff that I didn’t even think I could tap into that I am. It’s been fun. I can’t wait.”

Why did Trish Stratus retired WWE in 2006?

Among the most influential people in WWE history, Trish Stratus is most known for her work during the Ruthless Aggression and Attitude eras. She was a formidable opponent throughout her legendary career, which included seven women’s titles. Fans were left wanting more of Stratus’s impact on the women’s division after her unexpected retirement announcement in 2006 shocked the wrestling world.

Trish Stratus
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This year, Stratus had an open and honest conversation about her 2006 WWE retirement on the Wilde On podcast, where she offered new insights into the choice that changed the course of her legendary career. She said, “It was a combination of events that occurred at the time. First, the end of my contract was approaching. In wrestling especially, you don’t really consider what comes next unless you are forced to.”

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