Tyreek Hill’s favorite NBA player Ben Simmons has “no expectation” on when he will recover from back injury

Brooklyn Nets guard Ben Simmons has been watching his team play from the sidelines for quite some time now. Ben, the favorite NBA player of NFL star Tyreek Hills suffered a back injury earlier in the month of November.

Since then, he has been sidelined, has missed a lot of games, and has only been able to support his team by being present on the bench. Recently, the Nets’ star revealed that he has no idea when he will be making it back to the court.

Ben Simmons has no return from back injury date in mind

Ben Simmons recently did an interview in which the Nets’ star revealed that he had no idea when he would be making a return. When asked if he knew of a timetable for his return, Ben said, “No, honestly I wish it was just a sprained ankle. It is one of those things where you do not know about the time. We have seen a lot of progress and it has been a good thing and very positive.”

Simmons suffered a left lower back nerve impingement in November and hasn’t been cleared medically to participate in any of Brooklyn’s games for more than a month now. He hasn’t played for the Nets since the 6th of November, and there are no signs that indicate his return. The Nets are doing alright without Ben Simmons right now, but an early comeback would surely boost their chances of making it to the playoffs.

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Tyreek Hill reveals Ben Simmons as his favorite NBA player

The Miami Dolphins star from the NFL, Tyreek Hills recently revealed his favorite NBA player while playing Fortnite with the popular streamer Adin Ross. Tyreek was seen playing the popular game Fortnite with Adin Ross on his stream when the streamer asked the NFL star about his favorite NBA player. Adin asked Hills, “What’s your favorite NBA team?” Hills instantly replied, “Whatever team Bill Simmons is on.”

Adin laughed at Hills’ answer and asked him if he was joking around, but the Dolphin’s star was serious about his answer. He further said, “That’s my favorite player, Ben Simmons is my favorite player bro. I have got every Ben Simmons jersey from high school all the way till now. I am that big of a fan.” Adin was confused by Hills’ answer and asked him why he chose Simmons as no one does that. Hills replied that he became a fan once everyone started to doubt Simmons and hoped that Simmons would make a turnaround in his career.

When do you think Ben Simmons will return from his indefinite injury? What do you think of Tyreek Hills announcing Simmons as his favorite NBA player? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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