Tyrese Maxey rewards kids with good grades by hosting shopping spree

As kids, we are often told that we will be rewarded for our good grades at school by our parents or our relatives, but it is very rare to see the same people deliver upon their promise.

However, Philadelphia 76ers star Tyrese Maxey has made sure that the children in his city enjoy their rewards after receiving good grades at school. In a grand gesture by the player, 10 kids from the locality were taken out on a shopping spree.

Tyrese Maxey gives back to the community with generous touch

Belonging to the ‘City of Brotherly Love’, Tyrese Maxey has truly embodied the spirit of Philadelphia. From making his presence known on the court to interacting with the people, the young superstar’s humbleness has no bounds.

Tyrese Maxey
Maxey has shown his generosity and kindness towards the city of Philadelphia via USA Today Sports

Taking time out of his strenuous schedule, the 76ers guard accompanied a group of ten kids from Northeast Philadelphia to host a shopping spree, considering their remarkably good grades. The shopping spree, which reportedly costed an amount of 10K USD, was done in collaboration with Snipes USA, a footwear retailer.

Maxey, who loves shoes and grades, seized the chance to make some little children’s life better by showing them that it is possible to achieve academic success even in the face of adversity.

The essence of charity and local empowerment and upliftment seems to be a local thing as Maxey is not the only one who has come to light for his philanthropy and social work. Recently, Marcus Morris Sr. was felicitated with the keys to the city of Philadelphia to commemorate his good deeds to the people in the city which have brought about development in the lives of many.

Tyrese Maxey
Tyrese Maxey has been selected to his first All-Star Game via Getty Images

This season, Tyrese has been performing impeccably well which has ultimately resulted in his debut All-Star Game selection.

Tyrese Maxey himself gets rewarded for stand-out performances

It is the dream of almost every NBA player to make the All-Star Game at least once in their careers. Tyrese Maxey is on his way to achieve that dream in a short while after his name was announced as an All-Star from the Philadelphia 76ers.

Tyrese Maxey
Maxey has significantly improved since his rookie season via USA Today Sports

The selection is a culmination of hard work, grit, and determination which the player has showcased ever since he stepped onto the basketball court. Ever since Tyrese Maxey was drafted he has only managed to improve each year, setting himself apart from the rest, fighting for what is rightfully his. In his debut season, the young superstar started in just 8 games out of the 61 games he appeared in.

In that first season, Tyrese averaged a measly 8 points per game, combined with just 2 assists and 1.7 rebounds. The rise of Tyrese Maxey from his rookie season has been beyond magnanimous and words don’t do enough justice to narrate his massive improvement.

Tyrese Maxey
In the absence of Embiid, Maxey is leading the 76ers via Getty Images

Marking his fourth season in the NBA, Tyrese Maxey has elevated himself as one of the best youngsters in the league, with his speed and aggressiveness which has improved the roster of the Philadelphia 76ers this season.

Playing the role of an anchor and sharpshooter, Maxey is averaging a phenomenal 25.9 points per game, along with 6.4 assists and 3.5 rebounds. His 3-point percentage has also increased significantly, in comparison to his rookie season where he shot just 30% from beyond the arc.

This season, the 23-year-old is shooting smoothly, scoring 38% from the 3-point line, a feat which has given him the ticket to the 3-Point Contest at the All-Star Weekend in Indianapolis. Now, Maxey is leading the Philadelphia 76ers in their uphill Eastern Conference battle without reigning MVP, Joel Embiid.

In short, Tyrese Maxey truly deserves all the flowers and his debut All-Star Game selection.

What are your thoughts on Tyrese Maxey this season? Will Maxey be able to handle the pressure of leading the 76ers without Joel Embiid? Can the Philadelphia 76ers win the title this year? We are eager to know your thoughts on Maxey, so feel free to comment below.

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