UEFA Champions League matchday 3 preview: key games, predictions, tables so far

The UEFA Champions League, the premier club competition, is back this Wednesday. The top 32 European teams will fight for a place in the knockout stages to gain a chance to be crowned the kings of Europe.

Already, two matchdays have passed, with many interesting results already taking place. With the third matchday, many more interesting fixtures will take place and surely will be entertaining to watch, as teams will be vying to get a win to assure their chances of qualification.

Key games from UEFA Champions League matchday 3

Matchday 3 will be important for a lot of clubs, as it could determine their final position in their group. Some of the games are key for the teams, for whom a win or loss could be their fate.

Manchester United will face Copenhagen and must win the game, as they have already lost the first two games. If they lose or draw, it could mean they are already out of the UCL knockouts.

UEFA Champions League

Arsenal and Sevilla will also be an important matchup, with both heavyweight teams vying for the top position in their groups. Currently, French club Lens tops their group.

Group F, the group of death, will, of course, be the most interesting to follow. Paris Saint-Germain will battle against AC Milan, while Borussia Dortmund will battle against Newcastle United. All teams will be desperate for a good win, as every point matters in this group.

UCL matchday 3 predictions

Now, it is impossible to accurately guess a game in the UEFA Champions League, as anything can happen and any team can win against all odds. But we tried our best to possibly guess the result based on form and squad.

Bayern Munich will be expected to have an easy win over Galatasaray, while United could also have their first UCL win this season over Copenhagen.

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Arsenal and Sevilla are both on the back of disappointing draws in the league, and while the Gunners may be a better team on paper, the match could end in a draw, though with some goals. Lens are not having a good time in their league, and so they could experience a loss or, at best, a draw against PSV.

14-time UCL champions Real Madrid are expected to dominantly win against Braga, and Serie A champions Napoli are expected to do the same against newcomers Union Berlin.

Inter Milan are favorites to beat down on Austrian champions RB Salzburg, but Real Sociedad will have some trouble to do the same against Benfica with the result a draw the best guess.

In Group E, Atletico Madrid will face Celtic in an easy matchup for them, but Feyenoord and Lazio are sure to have a equally matched encounter.

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Group F is the most exciting one; Paris Saint Germain and AC Milan could be a good game, but PSG could dominate the off-form Milan team at home. Newcastle could repeat the heroics of their game against PSG at their home, with a win against Dortmund very much possible, though the Germans could still shock them.

Defending champions Manchester City will no doubt crush Young Boys,and RB Leipzig have a good chance to do that as well to Czerna Zvezda. Meanwhile Barcelona is also expected to win against Shakhtar Donetsk, even through their injury crisis, and Porto has a fair chance to beat Royal Antwerp.

The UEFA Champions League returns this week, with some games tonight and others the day after. Which games will you be watching? Make sure to let us know in the comments.

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