UFC star Ian Garry quotes Conor McGregor to challenge Colby Covington in ‘I quit’ match

The UFC’s welterweight division has become very exciting ever since Leon Edwards dethroned Kamaru Usman, the long-reigning champion. With contenders like Shavkat Rakhmonov, Belal Muhammad, Jack Della Maddalena, and Ian Garry vying for the top spot, the veterans have a tough task at hand.

Will Colby Covington, a three-time title challenger, face the up-and-coming Garry? Who will win the potential matchup between the old dog and the young buck? Well, Ian Garry sure thinks he will.

Ian Garry issues bold challenge to Colby Covington

Ian Garry had challenged Colby Covington post his victory over Geoff Neal at UFC 298 to which Covington disrespectfully responded recently. Now, Garry has provided an apt response as he issued a bold challenge against the American welterweight.

“You are in no position to tell me what I should be doing in life. You’ll do as you’re told,” said Garry in a recent Instagram video who went on to criticize Covington’s callout that mentioned Garry’s wife more than Garry himself.

“I’m the one who’s in that octagon with you. I’m the one who’s going to punch a hole in your head,” Garry further added as he issued a stern warning to keep his wife’s name out of Covington’s mouth and focus on him than his wife.

“You’re not America’s favorite fighter. What you are is a peak underperformer,” Garry stated as he trolled Covington for losing three attempts to become the champion. Moreover, he also mentioned that Covington does not have a victory against current ranked fighters.

“I challenge you to an ‘I Quit’ match where one of us has to say ‘I quit’,” Garry issued the challenge in a fight where the loser has to retire and leave MMA for good as he stated that he is the final chapter of Covington’s legacy in the UFC.

Colby Covington’s demands to fight Ian Garry

Ian Garry’s stern response was as a result of Covington’s latest video on social media in which the three-time title challenger stipulated three conditions for him to fight Garry. Like Garry said, all the demands by Covington were not directly related to fighting at all.

“Stipulation number one, you and that gold digger turn your Instagram comments back on,” Covington said of his first stipulation. Garry and his wife have had their social media comments section turned off after the attack on their relationship by fans and fighters alike.

“Layla, you got 60 seconds to convince me and the people why this fight needs to happen,” Covington stated his second stipulation as he trolled Garry by insinuating that his wife wears the pants in their relationship.

Covington’s third stipulation was to have Garry’s wife in his promotional video for the MyBookie betting app. Covington always has had OnlyFans models appear alongside him in it but recently has done solo videos.

Covington last fought at UFC 296 where he lost to Leon Edwards and called out Stephen Thompson, a fellow veteran. His recent callout of Ian Garry came as a surprise as he had always targeted a championship or an easier matchup.

Who do you think will win a potential fight between Ian Garry and Colby Covington? Leave your prediction below!


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