UFC vet Mike Perry announced as Logan Paul’s back-up opponent after John Fury’s outburst ended a heated press conference

During the inaugural press conference for Misfits Boxing’s upcoming event, there was a surprise to the highly anticipated boxing match between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul. Mike Perry was declared as the backup fighter ready to step in if either Danis or Paul were to fail to make their appearance.

This strategic move addresses Danis’s track record of withdrawing from fights at the last moment. With Perry’s inclusion as a backup fighter, the assurance of Paul’s presence in the ring appears to be secured.

Mike Perry revealed as backup fighter for Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis

In an unexpected twist during the London press conference yesterday, Mike made a commitment to participate in the upcoming fight as a backup. The former UFC fighter expressed that Misfits Boxing wants proper recognition and that’s why he’s been called out to be the backup.

“Dillon doesn’t show up, I’m ready to fight. If they know me, my fans who know me and to the people who don’t, when you get Mike Perry on the card, you get the fight that you’re asking for.” Mike said.

Dedication to fitness has become an integral part of Perry’s routine. Hence Platinum also expressed confidence in his ability to achieve a weight around 190 to 195 pounds in preparation for the fight.

“As long as I’m in shape, I put the miles in, get some road work, lift some weights and do my boxing rounds like I love, I’ll be ready to show up if they need me. Let’s do it.” Mike added.

John Fury’s outburst concluded a heated press conference

At the pre-fight press conference, John Fury, father of Tommy Fury, was also present to show support for his younger son. However, during the event, John’s emotions got the better of him as he expressed frustration with all the internet influencers generating buzz.

“Let’s talk some proper boxing and fighting. Forget the bulls***, let’s talk seriously now. There’s two men there going to fight, what’s your best plan of action?” John said.

John’s frustration was evident as he called on everyone to shift their focus away from the chatter and instead direct their attention towards discussing the actual dynamics of the upcoming fight event.

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