USC QB Caleb Williams opens up after Notre Dame fan incident: “lions don’t worry about that”

One player who has surely experienced the ups and downs of the college sports is Caleb Williams. The reigning Heisman Trophy winner now plays quarterback for the University of Southern California (USC) Trojans.

Williams recently made headlines not for his performance on the field but for an incident involving a Notre Dame fan and a bold nail art statement he made last year before a game against the Fighting Irish.

Caleb Williams Notre Dame fan incident

Last year, leading up to the highly anticipated matchup against Notre Dame, Williams decided to make a statement that would certainly raise eyebrows. He boldly painted the words “f**k ND” on his nails, a move that immediately garnered attention and set the stage for a fierce rivalry clash.

Unfortunately for Williams and the Trojans, the game this year did not go as planned, with Notre Dame emerging victorious with a resounding 48-20 win.

What made matters worse for Williams was an encounter with an enthusiastic Notre Dame fan after the game.

The fan took to the popular social media platform TikTok to record a video in which he approached Williams and asked him about his nail art. The video quickly went viral across all platforms and received a mixed response from netizens around the country.

USC QB responds to fan encounter

Instead of succumbing to the pressure or letting the incident affect him, Williams responded with remarkable composure.

Shrugging off the incident and demonstrating the kind of mental fortitude essential for a quarterback, he stated, “I mean, everybody wants to be in these two [size] 12.5 shoes right here. I’m not worried about some kid running out on the field that doesn’t have anything really associated with Notre Dame other than possibly their family going there or him going there himself. Got a lot of guys over here that I’ve got to lead, so some opinion of a sheep, lions don’t worry about that stuff.”

This response quickly spread across social media with supporters questioning his narcissism. One user said, “The Fan definitely shouldn’t have done that, but it does seem like he got under Williams skin. I know he got asked a question, but could have just left it at “We are moving on to Utah” instead of the sheep and 12.5 shoe comments he made.”

Clearly, Caleb Williams’ actions did not settle well with the fans and now he has to bear the backlash from the incident.

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