Victor Wembanyama enters NBA history books with his losing effort against Sixers

Victor Wembanyama announced himself to the NBA world in his debut season like no one ever before. The French wonderkid has taken the league by storm in his rookie year, and with every passing game, his 7’4″ stature gets more and more imposing.

First impressions are always important and for Wemby, that has been the exact case. While wowing the audience with his ridiculous blocks and dunks, the Spurs rookie has already cemented his place among some of the very best the league has to offer, but now he has created history which makes him the sole member in an exclusive criterion.

Victor Wembanyama creates unique NBA record

Victor Wembanyama showed NBA enthusiasts his sky-high potential by adding another record to his name, despite the San Antonio Spurs’ defeat on Sunday night against the Sixers.

The French center bagged 33 points, snagging 18 rebounds, distributing 6 assists, and recording 7 blocks while shooting his career-high six 3-pointers. With such massive numbers in the game, Wemby etched his name on the league’s history books as the only player to score more than 30 points, 15 rebounds, and 5 in each of the other three categories.

Wembanyama now has recorded at least 30 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 blocks four times this season, placing himself third in the all-time list of rookies to put up such numbers since the time blocks were recorded.

In his first season, the 20-year-old is averaging 21.3 points, 10.7 rebounds, 3.8 assists, 1.3 steals, and 3.6 blocks, making a strong case for winning both the ROTY and DPOY title race. Although he couldn’t pull his team to success, Wemby showcased his exceptional talent throughout the season and turned his doubters into his fans.

With his high-level performances, Wemby stunned the fans multiple times this season, but this time it was the turn for the players on the opposite bench.

Victor Wembanyama leaves Sixers bench in awe with sensational 3-pointer

During the initial minutes of the fourth quarter, Wemby received the ball and, without wasting time, shot it from far behind the 3-point arc in the corner. Though Kelly Oubre Jr. tried to block him, the 7’4″er was well out of his reach.

The shot left the Sixers’ bench amazed with shock mixed admiration written on their faces. Some of the coaching staff even threw their hands in the air in a manner that proves he is simply unstoppable. Despite possessing a lean body with a massive height, Wemby learned to make the best use of his physique and make the most of his deceptive agility.

The Spurs entered the second half with a 10-point lead. However, the Sixers caught up and tied the points. The game rolled on to two overtimes with the Sixers leaving the court with a 133-126 victory.

The bottom team from the West gave a good fight to the Sixers, who seemed to have struggled again in Joel Embiid’s absence, but thanks to Tyrese Maxey’s enormous 52 points, the Philadelphia franchise clinched the win.

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