Vince McMahon texted Chris Jericho after the former WWE champion’s rejection of strange idea

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is undeniably a very busy man. Not only does he oversee the hundreds of people who work for the company, but he also has to approve everything that happens on RAW and SmackDown.

In recent years, superstars have come forward about their out-of-character moments with the WWE Chairman, as he often enjoys joking around with his employees. McMahon is also known to frequently text his employees, primarily for work-related ideas or, as seen in the case of Chris Jericho, even sending a post-workout selfie.

Vince McMahon’s proposal to Jericho

Chris Jericho shared a special relationship with WWE boss Vince McMahon, as he has often gone on record to share some humorous incidents regarding McMahon. While appearing on the latest episode of Busted Open Radio, Jericho shared one incident where McMahon texted him early in the morning.

According to the AEW star, the incident took place several years back one night when he took a flight after the event Tough Enough, with Vince McMahon, Kevin and Triple H. Apparently, Jericho and McMahon drank all night while on the flight. When the flight landed at 4 am and everyone was ready to go home, McMahon made a proposal to Jericho about hitting the gym together.

Considering that it was 4 am in the morning and that they were drunk, Y2J had to decline his boss’ offer and headed home to go straight to bed. However, 2 hours later, he received a text from Vince McMahon. It was a picture of Vince looking ripped after a heavy workout, with the caption “Vince 1, Jericho 0.” This was a rather amusing incident that highlighted the relationship between McMahon and his employees and how he often likes to joke around with them.

Vince McMahon

It’s also worth mentioning that Vince McMahon is an avid gymgoer and maintains a pretty impressive physique at 78 years old. He even competed in a match at last year’s WrestleMania, which is an astonishing feat for a man of his age.

McMahon’s command to Pokémon character

Some might not have expected a crossover between WWE and the legendary Pokémon franchise, but it actually happened once. Back in 2016, when the famous game Pokémon Go! was generating global hype, it was revealed that the WWE Headquarters, located in Stamford, Connecticut, was the site of a Pokémon Go Gym.

It’s pretty amusing to think about WWE superstars playing the Pokémon game. However, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was having none of that. In a tweet posted in 2016, McMahon shared a post where he was telling a Pokémon character named Gastly to get out of his weight room.

Obviously Vince McMahon was just playing along with the joke, but it’s hilarious to think that the WWE Chairman would play the game himself. It’s nice to see him being a part of these jokes that uplift the work environment in WWE.


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