Warriors fans concoct “secret weapon” conspiracy as elderly woman collapses watching Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant battle

Golden State Warriors fans were stunned today when an elderly woman fainted while watching Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant’s spectacular clash. This occurrence sparked a strange hypothesis among some fans, who theorized on a “secret weapon” conspiracy.

The notion is that the fierce matchup between these two NBA superstars, both cherished by Golden State fans, caused so much enthusiasm that the elderly woman couldn’t bear it.

NBA fans credit elderly women for Warrior’s miraculous 4th quarter

The first game of the NBA season between the Phoenix Suns and the Golden State Warriors was a roller coaster. Despite the hype around the Suns’ big three, Bradley Beal’s absence was apparent. The game, on the other hand, featured an exciting duel between the enigmatic duo, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant.

The game took an unexpected turn in the third quarter, with the Suns trailing the Warriors. An elderly woman in the stands had a health scare while watching the dramatic battle between Curry and KD.

The Suns’ lead swiftly dissipated and the Warriors seemed to be on their way to victory in their season opener. This sudden shift in momentum fueled conjecture of a “secret weapon” conspiracy that linked these unexpected events.

Finally, Klay Thompson’s three-pointer in the final seconds gave the Suns a close victory. It was an up-and-down night for the Suns, who now turn their attention to their upcoming game against LeBron James and his team.

Old lady collapses during Warriors game vs Suns

The first game of the NBA season, which pitted the Phoenix Suns against the Golden State Warriors, was definitely thrilling. While supporters were looking forward to the match, the game took an unexpected turn when an elderly lady in the stands fell.

While the Warriors were playing the Suns, the medical emergency in the stands sent jolts through the arena. This old lady, an unwitting spectator, collapsed during a crucial period in the game. As the game’s players soon flocked around her, displaying genuine concern, the entire arena held its breath.

This incident emphasized the players’ outstanding sportsmanship and human compassion. Stephen Curry and Chris Paul remained by her side throughout the incident, prompting an array of reactions from the audience – some thought it endearing, while others were nervous. Nevertheless, she was attended to, and the game went on.

Now the Dubs will be looking to recover from their early defeat in the next game against the Sacramento Kings.

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