Warriors HC Steve Kerr reveals he got “no idea” when Draymond Green will make his in-game return after NBA lifts 12-game ban

The Golden State Warriors and their star player Draymond Green have found themselves under intense scrutiny and swirling in a whirlpool of controversy. With the NBA having lifted Green’s 12-game ban, many had hoped for a swift return to normalcy. However, it remains unclear when Green will make his in-game comeback.

The season may still be long ahead, but for the Warriors, things don’t seem to be improving. While Green’s absence has left a void in the team’s defensive and leadership roles, which has resulted in a string of unstable performances, things aren’t particularly going as per their plans.

Steve Kerr talks on Draymond Green’s return

Golden State Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr recently spoke about the return of forward Draymond Green, who was reinstated by the NBA after serving a 12-game ban. Kerr admitted that he has “no idea” when Green will make his in-game return as it will ultimately depend on the team’s assessment of his readiness.

Green, a key member of the Golden State Warriors‘ championship-winning roster, participated in the team’s walk-through on Sunday and visibly brought an energy boost during their game against the Toronto Raptors. “Everybody is excited to see him,” as Kerr expressed his excitement about Green’s return, highlighting his leadership qualities and positive presence in the locker room.

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However, the team is also hoping that Draymond Green will be able to reignite his fiery passion on the court without crossing the line, as his 18 career ejections are the highest among all active NBA players. Kerr further emphasized the importance of finding the right balance for Green’s competitive nature while maintaining control and avoiding unnecessary penalties.

With Green back in the fold, the Warriors are hopeful for a resurgence in their performance, drawing strength from his return and the positive atmosphere he brings to the team.

Draymond Green returns to Warriors practice floor

Draymond Green, the versatile forward of the Golden State Warriors, has made his return to the practice floor after serving a 12-game suspension issued by the NBA.

On Sunday, Green joined his teammates for practice, showing his commitment to getting back into game form. After being cleared, Green wasted no time getting involved with the team, sitting on the bench during the Warriors’ recent game against the Toronto Raptors as he was seen actively participating in the team huddles during timeouts, providing his support and guidance.

Despite Green’s presence, the Warriors were unable to secure a victory against the Raptors, suffering a 133-118 loss. However, the team remains optimistic about their chances as they look forward to Green’s imminent return to the court.

According to sources close to the situation, Green will likely need approximately one week to ramp up his fitness and readiness for gameplay. The Warriors have crucial upcoming games, including a back-to-back matchup against the Chicago Bulls and the Milwaukee Bucks, followed by a game against the Memphis Grizzlies.

With Green’s return to the lineup on the horizon, it’s a huge plus point for the Warriors in an already disappointing season, hoping they could turn things around as soon as possible.

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