Watch: Argentine comedian gives Lionel Messi an unexpected kiss on the neck

Until last year when Lionel Messi won the World Cup with Argentina, he spent most of his international career in the shadow of the iconic Diego Maradona. Questions were raised about Messi’s ability to deliver on the big stage.

A World Cup win was all that was needed to achieve a god-like status in his native Argentina. Messi is adored all over Argentina, and comedian Miguel Granados bizarrely took things further by surprising Lionel Messi with a kiss on the neck, sending the internet into a frenzy.

Watch: Argentina comedian gives Lionel Messi an unexpected kiss

Lionel Messi is trending on X (formerly Twitter) not because he only played 37 minutes of football before succumbing to injury in his first appearance for Inter Miami in over two weeks. The World Cup winner is trending because of a snippet video that was released of a strange man (unknown to many at the time) giving him a kiss on the neck, unaware.

In the video, Messi sported a new look as he was seen without his beard. The video was posted by Argentine dark humour comedian Miguel Granados who was raised in Rosario, the same city where Messi was born. The video was accompanied by the caption: “Shall we chat, baby? Come for today’s Live as we spoiled things.”

Granados has over a million followers on Twitter, so the video quickly went viral, with many fans reacting and speculating about what could have prompted the comedian to kiss Lionel Messi. However, given the nature of Granados’ choice of niche in comedy (dark humor), it is safe to assume that the gesture was purely for entertainment purposes and nothing more.

Moreover, everyone in Argentina adores Lionel Messi (even those who sent a threatening letter to his in-laws months ago), so the kiss must have been Granados’ way of showing his idol some affection.

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Soccer world reactions to an Argentine comedian kissing Lionel Messi’s neck

The video of Miguel Granados kissing Lionel Messi’s neck went viral in minutes. Fans are always quick to react to any bizarre incident they notice, and this wasn’t an exception. Cristiano Ronaldo’s superfan, iShow Speed, was among the first to react to the video. “He literally has an evil eye tattoo on his hand. He’s satanic and bisexual; I knew it from day one. This is precisely ‘Pessi’ chose America. So glad Ronaldo chose a normal Saudi Arabia.”

“Everything about this interview is just so strange,” another fan said after it appeared that Granados asked Lionel Messi if he could kiss him on the lips in another video. The video will be shared on Olga, a streaming platform where Granados shares his video content.

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