WATCH: Bukayo Saka links up with Real Madrid star Luka Modric in Snickers campaign

Bukayo Saka’s rise to the summit of English football has been astounding. He made his way through the youth team to become the best player in the senior team, thanks to his incredible talent combined with how hard he works off the pitch. Anyone who has followed his career since he was young will know he didn’t start out as a winger. He has quite a similar story to Gareth Bale.

He has grown to become arguably the best Arsenal player under Mikel Arteta, and if his development continues at this rate, he could be England’s best player by some mile in years to come. Before then, Bukayo Saka is just enjoying the game while learning from one of the best midfielders in recent history in a commercial appearance for Snickers.

Bukayo Saka, Luka Modrid team up for Snickers

Some of the best video ads ever shown on TV are football-related. From Pepsi to Nike ad campaigns, they’re always interesting, and the fact that they always feature some of the world’s biggest stars makes them even more enjoyable. In the latest Snicker video ad, Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka teamed up with Real Madrid legend Luka Modric for a short yet effective campaign.

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The video begins in a barbershop, where a young man is seen getting his trim by an elderly barber. A game is showing on the TV, and when a goal is about to be scored, the young man accidentally loses half of his hair due to his movement while the clipper is still on his head. Saka moves closer to him and claims it’s a big mistake to get a trim while watching live football action.

Luka Modric then plays the good guy by offering the young man a Snickers chocolate bar, which he devours before the video ends. It’s the first time both players will be involved in a video advertisement together. Modric, who used to play for Arsenal’s North London rivals, Tottenham Hotspur, is now a legend of the game at Real Madrid; although Bukayo Saka has a long way to go to achieve the same status, his current growth rate suggests he’s doing more than okay.

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Fate could bring them together again in the latter stages of the UEFA Champions League. However, Arsenal has to go through Bayern Munich in the quarter-final, while Real Madrid must also beat Manchester City to book a spot in the semi-final.

Bukayo Saka rates fan own goals with Luka Modric

Bukayo Saka and Luka Modric continued their campaign for Snickers, where they appeared in another video ad to rate fans’ own goals on a scale of 1 to 10. Own goal in this context means a mistake fans could make in relation to football. In the video, both players seemed relaxed as they took turns to rate some of the biggest misfortunes that could happen to a fan on a matchday.

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“We’ve all had embarrassing own goals off the pitch, and football is nothing without our supporters. Getting your haircut during your team’s game is a solid ten on the scale,” the Arsenal winger said. “I’ve enjoyed acting alongside Luka; thanks to the Snickers team for making this happen,” he added.

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Snickers,” Luka Modric admitted. “It’s been fun to rate some of the funniest football mistakes. Mistakes happen, and anybody can score an own goal. Sometimes, you just need some help to get back on your game,” the Real Madrid legend added.

Both players will be back for club action on Sunday, with Arsenal taking a trip to Manchester to face City in a top-of-the-table clash. Real Madrid will then host the Athletic Club later on Sunday night.


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