WATCH: Chiefs fan clashes with security guards in post-game uproar following loss to Lions

The last season was like a dream season for the Kansas City Chiefs, who won their second Super Bowl within four years. This year, the expectations are as high as ever, and from the offseason on, Patrick Mahomes and his team were hinting at another bombastic season.

The Chief’s luck did not favor them in their season-opening game against the Detroit Lions. Hence, following the frustrating game, the Kansas City Chiefs fans could not put themselves together.

WATCH: Chiefs supporters and security officers get into a nasty brawl following the loss

At Arrowhead Stadium on Thursday, the Lions shocked the NFL community by stealing a 21-20 victory from the Chiefs. The Chiefs’ offense was the main cause of the problems because it struggled without Travis Kelce. Even though the two-time MVP Patrick Mahomes completed 21 of his 39 throws for 226 yards and two scores, his receivers did not help him out enough to provide intense competition.

Kadarius Toney was spotted missing three catches while having one catch for one yard on five targets. In contrast, another receiver, Skyy Moore, finished the game with no catches on three targets and one rush of four yards.

However, fans of the Chiefs, who gathered in large numbers for the team’s first preseason game with high hopes for another successful campaign, not only lost those hopes, but some of them also went insane and got into a vicious altercation with security personnel following the games.


One video of the altercation, in which a Chiefs fan is seen battling a security guard while others move in to control him, has been making its way around the internet.


Before both sides took their troops and left, another individual charged in to attack security, taking the battle to another level.

Here is the full video posted by GrindFace TV (Entertainment) on X:

NFL community responds to Chiefs fan’s poor reaction to defeat

The Chiefs’ losing night was a complete letdown for the fanbase, and their ugly brawl gave them a chance to make headlines. After the loss, supporters of the opposing team came forward to mock the Chiefs fan base, referring to it as their customary behavior following a defeat, as the Chiefs fans have previously made headlines for fighting on multiple occasions.

“Passionate” one fan commented.

The footage shows that the second guy intensified the brawl with an unnecessary attack on the security guards. Yet he was unable to deliver a flawless punch to the guard. It was much the same as Toney was unable to make receptions during the game, which played a dominant role in the Chief’s loss.

Therefore, some supporters made a veiled jab at Chiefs supporters by saying that they had to deal with two losses in one night: one against the Lions and one to their reputation.

“Two L’s in one night,” one comment read.

The majority of spectators questioned the game’s security mechanism as well as the security officers’ physical fitness.

The Chiefs’ Week 2 matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars is set for September 17. Keep checking back for more updates until then.

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