Watch: Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill disguised as old man to prank random people on street

Entering his ninth NFL season, Tyreek Hill embarks on his third campaign with the Miami Dolphins following a trade from the Kansas City Chiefs. While the trade saw him partnering with Tua Tagovailoa in Miami and having a stellar two seasons, Hill remained critical in suggesting his Dolphins’ quarterback assume a leadership role like his former quarterback Patrick Mahomes. 

Nevertheless,  off the field, Hill is full of fun. Following his entertaining street performance in Las Vegas, he recently amused passers-by on the streets of Miami with an impromptu and humorous race.

Video: Tyreek Hill races random people on Miami streets

In a recent video, Tyreek Hill showcased his humorous side by taking his pranking skills to the streets of Miami. This comes after his cryptic post about Odell Beckham Jr. potentially joining the Dolphins, which left fans confused. In a recently shared video, the Dolphins’ receiver was seen donning a clever disguise as an elderly man, complete with a white beard and red cap.

Hill teamed up with YouTuber Deestroying for a hilarious challenge. In the video, he challenges unsuspecting individuals to foot races, posing as Deestroying’s “grandfather.” Despite his elderly appearance, he surprised everyone with his lightning-fast speed, effortlessly outpacing his competitors.

One memorable moment from the prank occurs when Hill races a woman who takes a tumble, falling flat on her face. With each race, the 30-year-old maintains his act, pretending to be exhausted after each victory. 

The amusing video shows the reactions of bystanders as they come to realize that the NFL star has played a joke on them. From shocked expressions to fits of laughter, the video showcases Hill’s playful antics and ability to entertain both on and off the field.

Tyreek Hill once joined mime artist to perform on the street

Off the field, Tyreek Hill is renowned for his playful demeanor and penchant for pranks, often leaving fans pleasantly surprised. Prior to his former team, the Chiefs, clinching back-to-back Super Bowl victories against the San Francisco 49ers, he ventured to Las Vegas to bask in the pre-game excitement.

Amid the Dolphins being out of contention, the star receiver took it upon himself to entertain fans with an impromptu street performance alongside a mime artist. Though Cheetah is known for his lightning-fast speed on the football field, he showcased his agility off the turf, captivating spectators with his nimble moves.

The most fun fact was that Hill playfully solicited donations from onlookers, adding a humorous touch to his street antics. Whatever, this street performance wasn’t the first time Hill engaged in a light-hearted prank.

Earlier in the season, during a matchup between the Dolphins and his former team held in Germany, Hill disguised himself with a wig and glasses, per Sportskeeda. He then amusingly quizzed unsuspecting passersby about his own identity before revealing his true identity, much to their surprise.

What’s your opinion of the Dolphins player’s off-field banter?

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