Watch: Former NFL punter Brad Wing throws 40-yard TD pass to lineman in UFL debut

Over the years, the NFL has sprung quite a few surprises, involving some notable players and the team administration on numerous occasions. The antics of Odell Bekcham Jr, Patrick Mahomes, and Tyreek Hill are known to many, but oftentimes, some of these situations slip quietly under the radar.

However, on this particular occasion, a ridiculous attempt made for a touchdown in the UFL has caught the eye of the NFL community across the country, probably because it was made by a former NFL punter who left the league in search of greener pastures.

Brad Wing’s audacious TD attempt draws applause

The UFL is usually considered as the league just below the standard of the NFL, where big-time players go to enjoy a few more years before their retirement, and young players try to catch the eye of NFL recruits. However, on this particular occasion, the UFL produced one of the week’s most bizarre moments on a football pitch, which involved former Philadelphia Eagles punter Brad Wing.

As the clock wound down towards halftime, tension mounted on the field, with the Brahmas maintaining a fragile 14-9 lead. Sensing an opportunity, head coach Wade Phillips made a bold decision. Rather than settling for a long field goal attempt, San Antonio Brahmas opted for a high-risk, high-reward play. Executing a fake, Wing launched a pass deep downfield to an unexpected target, offensive lineman Alex Mollette.

Mollette secured the pass and embarked on a determined journey toward the end zone. Shrugging off defenders with sheer determination, he bulldozed his way to a stunning touchdown.

Wing’s TD attempt draws appreciation from netizens

In the UFL, sideline reporters have the ability to interview key players to learn more about their thought processes before and after executing a play. According to On3, Wing said, “That fake, we’ve run it a bunch. It was not the intended route, [and] we’ve never completed it in practice. So, we saved it for the right time, I guess. That was not how that was supposed to go, but we’ll take it. There’s supposed to be one — one route and that was not the one, but it worked. So, thank God, happy Easter.”

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