Watch: Jason Kelce’s viral shirtless Travis Kelce TD celebration at Bills game

Known for their on-field prowess, the Philadelphia Eagles’ center Jason Kelce and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce consistently entertain fans with their off-field banter. A recent incident brought Jason into the spotlight as he playfully teased his brother for his fashion sense with widespread support from football fans.

Nevertheless, this time the Eagles’ center stole the center stage for his wild supportive celebration of his brother’s success, even as his own team had their own hopes of securing the coveted Super Bowl title dashed.

Watch: Jason Kelce’s viral shirtless Travis Kelce TD celebration

Taylor Swift, Donna Kelce, and Jason Kelce came together to support Travis Kelce during the Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills divisional round game, turning it into a memorable gathering. The excitement peaked as Travis scored a remarkable touchdown, prompting an exuberant shirtless celebration from the Eagles’ center.

The Chiefs tight end stole the night, recording five catches and 75 receiving yards. But it was Travis’ touchdown that let his brother leap out of a window with a beer in hand. Jason’s joyful antics soon caught the attention of cameras and added to the festive atmosphere of the Chiefs’ victorious night.

Kelce fans found solace in witnessing his elation after the emotional setback of the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Wild Card playoffs the previous week.

After having faced the bitter end of Lombardi’s trophy aspirations, Kelce’s raw emotions were evident on the sidelines. With tearful eyes and a heavy heart, he struggled to find solace. Following the game, the 36-year-old opted not to engage with reporters, expressing, “No guys, not today.”

His emotional journey continued as he walked back to the locker room, head bowed in frustration.

NFL fans react to Jason Kelce jumping out and  slamming beers

Following Jason Kelce’s exuberant celebration, NFL fans flocked to social media, sharing in the excitement with a plethora of antics and jubilation.

In a humorous twist, Kelce’s shirtless display prompted one fan to playfully assert that he was “much hotter” than pop star Taylor Swift.

While reveling in the wild celebration and jubilation of the Eagles’ 13-year-old veteran player, some fans reminisced about their carefree college days, where celebrations were marked by spontaneity.

Earlier NFL insider Adam Schefter reported that the elder Kelce was considering retirement, which he shared in the locker room following the game. Despite swift denials from both Travis and Jason, a lighthearted fan managed to inject some humor into the retirement speculation surrounding him.

At last, the Chiefs won the night by a 24-27 score. With the win, the Chiefs advance one step closer to their Lombardi Trophy aspirations. The Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens are now set to battle next Sunday, Jan. 28, at 3 p.m. ET.


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