Watch: Jordan Poole tears up watching his Warriors tribute video while crowds erupt in loud cheers

The former Golden State Warriors player, now with Washington Wizards, Jordan Poole, returned to the Chase Center on Friday as the Wizards faced the Warriors in a regular-season matchup. Poole, who contributed significantly during his time with the Dubs, received a warm welcome.

The emotional moment intensified as a tribute video played in the sold-out Chase Center, leading to loud cheers from the crowd and visibly moving him to tears.

Watch: Jordan Poole tears up watching his Warriors tribute video with loud cheers

Jordan Poole’s homecoming was surely a great one as the now Wizards star received a very warm welcome at the Chase, Center which used to be his home. A video was played before the match to pay tribute to Poole for his invaluable contributions to the Dubs. The video was 40 seconds long and featured some of the best moments he had when he wore the number 3 Jersey for the Dub Nation.

Poole gazed at the jumbovision as he was trying his hardest to hold back tears while he was reminded of the greatest moments an NBA player can have in the league, winning the NBA championship. The Warriors fans present at the Chase Center gave Poole a huge ovation thanking him for his four crucial years at the Warriors and for his invaluable contribution in helping the team win the championship in 2022.

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Jordan Poole reunites with Stephen Curry, Warriors

Jordan Poole reunited with his former teammates upon returning to the Chase Center for the first time since being traded last off-season. Poole, drafted in 2019 with a basic 4-year rookie contract estimated to be worth around $10 million, had an outstanding season in 2021-22.

The Dubs decided to extend his contract for a hefty $128 million before his ongoing contract expired. However, things didn’t go right as Draymond Green and Poole got into a fight with Green punching the former Warriors star in the face. After a few months following the incident, Poole was traded.

Poole enjoyed reconnecting with the players he had shared the court with just a few months ago. Having formed strong bonds during his time with the Warriors, witnessing him reunite with them was heartwarming.

The highlight of the day was Poole meeting Curry, reminiscent of their roles as the unstoppable duo that contributed to the Warriors’ championship success. Poole was anticipated to step into the shoes of Curry as a key figure for the Dubs, but, unfortunately, things didn’t unfold as fans had hoped.

Warriors’ ace Steph Curry was like a mentor to Poole and both of them if allowed to get into rhythm would tear apart the defenses of the opposing time. Curry and Poole did a handshake and hugged demonstrating the good relationship both the stars have with each other.

What do you think of Jordan Poole’s return to the Chase Center? Do you think that Poole will ever come back to the Warriors? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop them down in the comments and let us know.

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