WATCH: Mike Tyson shows off tremendous agility in latest sparring footage ahead of Jake Paul fight

The announcement of the Mike Tyson versus Jake Paul fight has elicited mixed responses from fight fans and critics alike. Many are skeptical of Tyson’s chances against the much younger Jake Paul, but Tyson remains confident in his abilities.

Mike has been posting daily training videos from his training camp since the fight announcement. These training videos have impressed fans, and today, Tyson posted the fourth video, which showed glimpses of his ferociousness that made him the youngest heavyweight boxing champion.

Mike Tyson fires on all cylinders in latest sparring footage

It has been the fourth day of Mike Tyson’s training camp for his fight against Jake Paul and his recent training video showed him firing on all cylinders. Tyson showcased his signature bobbing and weaving even at age 57 as Rafael Cordeiro held pads.

“Fire’s in the house,” Tyson captioned the training video on X. “You don’t know what you got in store baby. You gotta face the God of War. Get ready baby, fire in the house,” said Tyson in the video as he assured fans that his training camp is going very well for his upcoming fight with Paul.

Tyson’s aggressiveness has been increasing day by day as evidenced by the significant differences in the videos uploaded. His first video post, captioned, “It’s day 1…the fun has just begun,” showed Tyson engaging in close combat with little movement.

However, his subsequent videos, captioned, “Mitts flyin” and “You still wanna f*** with me?” showed significant improvements in movement. Interestingly, Paul even responded to Tyson’s third video.

UFC star praises Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul fight decision

Many notable personalities from the UFC were very critical of the announcement of Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul. Dana White, the UFC CEO, is a good friend of Tyson but was critical of the age gap between the two. Conor McGregor, the biggest UFC superstar, had little to no interest in the fight.

However, Johnny Walker, the 7th-ranked UFC light heavyweight, had a differing opinion about the fight announcement. “I actually think that Jake Paul and Mike Tyson fight is a very good smart marketing fight,” tweeted Walker, who went on to state that both Paul and Tyson will make a lot of money.

Walker’s assessment is somewhat the consensus in the UFC community as far as finances are concerned. However, their skepticism is mainly due to the fight being a lose-lose situation for Paul.

Kamaru Usman and Henry Cejudo were very critical of the fight, as per Pulse Sports, and criticized Paul for cherry-picking his opponents to stack up his records with big names, even though they were past their prime.


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