WATCH: Patrick Mahomes spending time in gym to get jump start for 2024 NFL season

Since assuming the starting role for the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes has exemplified the qualities of a true franchise quarterback, guiding the team to back-to-back Super Bowl victories. His remarkable performance has inched him closer to NFL legend Tom Brady and has fueled his ambition to secure a rare three-pat in Kansas City.

As Mahomes sets his sights on this lofty goal, he remains dedicated to his rigorous training regimen and even recently invited teammates to join him for a workout session.

WATCH: Patrick Mahomes shows off rigorous workout session

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is leaving no stone unturned in his quest for greatness this offseason. Teaming up with his longtime trainer, Bobby Stroupe, Mahomes is reshaping his training regimen with a laser focus on specific goals. In a recent Instagram post, he showcased his dedication through a series of intense drills designed to challenge his strength, speed, power, responsiveness, and control.

The video montage captures Mahomes’ relentless pursuit of excellence, highlighting his prowess in classic strength exercises like trap bar deadlifts and heavy lateral sled pulls. Despite previous jests about his “dad bod,” Mahomes’ performance on the field speaks volumes about his dedication and work ethic.

Mahomes’ commitment to fitness is evident year-round, whether it’s during the lead-up to the Super Bowl or the offseason. A typical training day for the Chiefs quarterback begins early, with Mahomes often starting his day around 6-7 am to engage in workout sessions or therapy sessions.

Under the guidance of Stroupe, the 28-year-old’s workouts are diverse and dynamic, focusing on agility, explosiveness, speed, and strength. Each session is carefully tailored to enhance his athletic abilities and elevate his game to new heights. 

Patrick Mahomes involves teammates for throwing session

Patrick Mahomes wasted no time getting a head start on the 2024 NFL offseason by organizing a throwing session with some of his teammates. The session, held at the indoor facility of Colleyville Heritage High School, saw Mahomes connecting with several other Chiefs players, per Yardbarker.

A video on social media showed Patrick Mahomes throwing sharp passes to newcomer Hollywood Brown. Tight end Irv Smith Jr., receivers Anthony Miller and Jacob Copeland, and many other teammates were there, looking excited to get ready for the season.

Young quarterbacks Chris Oladokun and Ian Book also joined the workout. They took turns replacing Mahomes, getting valuable practice time.

This offseason workout organized by Mahomes shows his strong commitment to getting better and building teamwork with his teammates. Everyone’s dedication is a great sign that they’re all working hard to achieve Mahomes’ goal of winning three championships.

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