Watch: WWE star Rhea Ripley shows off her hilarious dance moves, Hindi speaking, and Indian cuisine experience before Superstar Spectacle

WWE returns to India with Superstar Spectacle this Friday, on September 8th. Among the top stars of the company scheduled to take part in the event, Rhea Ripley is one of the most prominent. Prior to the show, WWE released clips and videos of Ripley having a great time in the country and celebrating its diverse cultures.

At Superstar Spectacle, Rhea Ripley is set to face Natalya in a title defense. This marks the first time these superstars will be wrestling in India. Furthermore, this event will be exclusive to the Indian market, meaning it will not be available on the WWE Network or Peacock.

Rhea Ripley shows off her Hindi speaking, dancing, and Indian cuisine

In a video uploaded both on Instagram and YouTube, Rhea could be seen trying out some Indian dance moves and showcasing her Hindi-speaking skills. She addressed the fans, saying, ‘Kya bolti hai public?’

‘The Eradicator’ also playfully flirted with her on-screen boyfriend Dominik Mysterio, calling him ‘Dominik ekdam kadak.’ Furthermore, she even used her knowledge of Hindi to throw some shade at The Bloodline, telling them, ‘Awaaz neeche.’ This side of Rhea Ripley deeply impressed her Indian fans.

In a video, Rhea could also be seen enjoying some Indian snacks. While eating a snack called vada pav, Ripley exclaimed that it was bigger than her mouth. She also mimicked calling her friends in The Judgement Day, telling them about trying a new snack called samosa, which she described as having a tough, fried exterior and a soft, squishy potato-based interior, which was extremely delicious.

‘Mami’ was clearly having a great time learning about India’s cultures and enjoying the variety of food and dance. It’s always wonderful for fans to see their favorite superstars embracing and learning about their cultures.

Rhea Ripley to face Natalya Neidhart at Superstar Spectacle

At Superstar Spectacle this Friday, Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley will defend her title against the veteran Natalya in the city of Hyderabad. However, this isn’t the first time the two women have faced each other this year.

Rhea Ripley has defeated Natalya twice on WWE Television. The first time was at the Night of Champions premium live event, and the second time was on Monday Night RAW in July 2023. Her latest title defense took place at Payback, where she secured victory against Raquel Rodriguez with the assistance of Dominik Mysterio.

Rhea is also scheduled to defend her title against Rodriguez in a singles match on RAW next week, indicating that she won’t be losing to The Queen of Harts this Friday. While some fans expressed dissatisfaction with Ripley’s booking at Superstar Spectacle, most are simply thrilled to see her perform for the first time India. Stay tuned for the results of the matchup between Natalya and Rhea Ripley this Friday night.


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