Weeks after sending 3-word message to Lionel Messi, Selena Gomez receives “priceless” aid from the WC winner

Lionel Messi may be one of the greatest players in the sport of soccer, but he is equally great off the pitch. Over the years, the Argentine has been known to be charitable and has helped many people in distress. He is known to be helpful and humble, often going out of his way to assist everyone.

Being one of the most charitable sportsmen, Messi also regularly teams up with various charities to help people in dire need of help. And now he has teamed up with another famous celebrity to raise further aid for the less fortunate.

Lionel Messi contributes to Selena Gomez fund

Lionel Messi, who has been out of action for a while due to injury, has now joined forces with Selena Gomez in order to battle mental health issues. This comes many days after the famed singer witnessed Messi play for Inter Miami against LAFC a few weeks back. After the game, she was asked by a fan to leave a message for Messi, and she replied, “Love you, Messi.”

And now, Messi has repaid her love by donating a signed Argentina jersey to one of Gomez’s charities, Rare Impact. The charity is known for helping people with their mental health struggles and Selena herself founded it after battling her own struggle with mental health issues.

The foundation will have it’s first ever fundraiser event on October 4th, where the jerseys will be put up for auction. There are rumors that Messi himself will be attending, though there are still no credible sources to prove that. Still, by associating himself with the charity, Messi has already brought much attention to their aims with his huge fan following.

Messi’s philanthropic gestures

Lionel Messi has been involved in various philanthropic activities throughout his life. Since he himself battled with growth hormone deficiency in his youth, Messi has helped other people with various issues.

Messi has been a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since March 2010, when he travelled to Haiti to help spread awareness and funding for the people affected by the deadly earthquake that struck that year. Since then, he has also helped them with various other projects.

Lionel Messi

Messi himself has a charitable organization called the Leo Messi Foundation, which has provided healthcare services for children. He also helped many hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic and helped bring awareness to the issue.

He also partnered up with an organization named OrCam as their ambassador, which helps blind people regain their sight. During his wedding to Antonela Rocuzzo, he asked guests to donate to charities instead of bringing expensive gifts. Over the course of his life, Lionel Messi has donated huge amounts to help build hospitals and schools, especially in war torn countries like Syria.

All of these charitable actions prove that Lionel Messi has a heart of gold and that he is a man of the people. One can only appreciate the Argentine’s greatness and hope he continues to change lives.

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