What are Max Verstappen’s top three moments from the record-breaking F1 campaign? Red Bull ace reveals

Max Verstappen fans are head over heels trying to find their best moment of the season and discussing the glorious campaign of their star. Formula 1 witnesses a new legend every generation, and its currently Max Verstappen’s turn to shine. The Dutch champion has given fans a reason to rejoice and brag about almost every race this year.

Max Verstappen isn’t the type of driver who focuses on the hype or stories built around any big thing. But, after securing his third title in spectacular fashion, it was obvious that the Red Bull ace would have his own favorite moments in the journey.

What are Max Verstappen’s best wins this season?

Max Verstappen found himself in a challenging situation when selecting his favorite wins from the impressive 19 he achieved this season. There were several moments throughout the season that appeared to be his best. Fans would likely anticipate his selection of a race where he achieved remarkable milestones, such as the Brazilian GP Sprint, where he became the second driver to win on a Saturday, or the Abu Dhabi GP, where he became the first driver to lead a thousand laps in a single season.

Max Verstappen
Zandvoort 2023 via Planet F1

In spite of such brilliance adorning his season, Verstappen instead went forth with some not-so-exotic races and chose his best 3 races of the season. His list was definitely not what the fandom expected and quite a surprise.

“I think the comeback race in Miami was great, that was an important one. Winning at home at Zandvoort was a very nice one, and I think winning at Suzuka, after the tough weekend we had in Singapore.”

These races may have been simple for public eyes, but for a driven man like Max, they were nothing short of a moment to rejoice and be happy about.

Max Verstappen
Suzuka 2023 via Sportskeeda

List of records Max Verstappen broke this season

The 2022 season gave us a glimpse of what was to come in Formula 1, with Max dominating in the RB19. The Dutch champion had a significant lead over all other drivers this year and was able to overcome any obstacle.

Max Verstappen
A record-breaking season via WTF1

There have been numerous records broken and created by Max Verstappen this season, including some rather unique ones.

  • Most consecutive wins: With 10 wins this season, Verstappen broke Vettel’s record of 9 consecutive wins in a season.
  • Most wins from pole: Max Verstappen won 12 races from pole position this year, again, getting better of his Red Bull senior Vettel
  • Most points in a season: With a total of 575 points, Max broke his own record of scoring the highest in a single season.
  • Most hat-tricks in a season: A hat-trick is scored when the driver gets pole, fastest lap and wins during the race. Max Verstappen was able to do so on six different occasions this year, beating Ferrari legend Michael Schumacher.
  • Most laps led: With a grand total of 1003 laps post Abu Dhabi GP, Max broke yet another long-standing record secured by Sebastian Vettel.

Except for these notable ones, there were many more records that Max Verstappen broke this season, including the highest win percentage in a season, the only driver to win three times in the same country, the most pitstops by a winning driver in one race, and the least damage caused in the season.

What other records do you think we missed on our list? We would love to know in your comments below.


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