What birthday present did Taylor Swift get from Chiefs Heiress Gracie and Ava Hunt?

Taylor Swift’s popularity around the world knows no bounds. The pop star has created a name for herself among the biggest celebrities in the world with her serial hits and noteworthy public appearances. However, over the last few months, she has unlocked a whole new community of fans across the states.

Taylor Swift has now become the heartthrob of the NFL community, especially for the Kansas City Chiefs. This has happened ever since the news broke out that the 34-year-old pop sensation is in a serious relationship with Travis Kelce. Now, as a part of the Chiefs fraternity, Swift’s birthday has garnered attention from the team ownership as well.

What birthday present did Taylor Swift get from the Chiefs?

On the occasion of Taylor Swift’s 34th birthday, Kansas City Chiefs heiresses Gracie and Ava spared no expense in thinking of a gift for the global pop sensation. After all, the magnitude of the gift had to match the global presence of Swift. The PEOPLE magazine reported that the gift was actually a “disco-inspired” novelty clutch comprising a shoulder chain strap. It has three crystal-covered varieties – silver, gold, and black Hematite. The Hunt family, however, did not reveal what color the gift was. However, all of these can be purchased at Judith Leiber Couture and Neiman Marcus for $4,995.

Gracie Hunt also attached quite a gracious caption on the occasion of Taylor’s birthday. She wrote, “Happy birthday to this queen!💖 Bright, beautiful, beyond talented and engaging…easiest decision Time Magazine ever made for Person of the Year. Hope it’s your best & most blessed year yet!🫶🏼”

Everyone knows that Gracie and Ava Hunt are huge Arrowhead fans since they show up so often and cheer for the team. Gracie Hunt, in particular, has been seen with various players on the sidelines and is recognized for her extensive football knowledge.

Taylor Swift drops the F-bomb on NFL Live

Taylor Swift, as we all know, is slowly becoming one of the most ardent NFL fans out there. With her regular appearances at home and away games for the Kansas City Chiefs, she has solidified her position as Travis Kelce’s number-one fan over the last few months.

Her passion for the game showed up on national television when the cameras actually caught her using colorful language during a Kansas City Chiefs game. As the video went viral on X (formerly Twitter), it gained traction and attracted the attention of thousands in the NFL community.

One fan wrote, “Shit, I keep becoming more and more of a Swiftie. This is unsettling.” while another quipped, “That’s how we all feel!”

What do you think about the present Taylor Swift received on her 34th birthday? Did the Hunt sisters do justice to this momentous occasion? Let us know in the comments.


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