What is flea flicker in NFL? Zach Wilson’s botched play vs Chiefs makes Aaron Rodgers react like a Jets fan

Though Aaron Rodgers’ motivation for Jordan Love went for a fruitful and successful one, the motivation for Zach Wilson remained only for one match. Under Wilson’s guidance the Jets are now heading off the defending Super Bowl champ Kansas City Chiefs following the defeat at the MetLife Stadium.

However, Rodgers could not hold himself seeing the Jets’ all hopes drowning, hence he came to boost up the confidence of Wilson in their Week 4 game. In the play Wilson’s one failed attempt let the NFL world witness A-rod reacting like a Jet fan rather than a player.

 What is a flea flicker in the NFL?

In the NFL, a flea flicker is a seldom employed “trick play” that is intended to deceive the opposing defense into believing that a play is a run rather than a pass.

The flea flicker is a series of actions used to trick the defense of the opposing side. At first, the quarterback receives the snap from the center and hands the ball to the running back to start the play.

Zach Wilson

The running back will next come to the line of scrimmage as if he were executing a typical running play and then “flick” the ball back to the quarterback just as he reaches the line of scrimmage.

The quarterback would resume his role as a thrower and tries a deep pass to the available receiver in an effort to score a touchdown or for a significant gain. The NFL’s flea flicker is an innovative and risky play, and therefore team don’t use it very often.

Zach Wilson’s flea flicker fail makes Aaron Rodgers react like a Jets fan

Flea flickers are high-risk, high-reward plays that need time, accuracy, and a well trick depth. However, in the Chiefs vs. Jets game, Zach Wilson made the risky choice to use Garett Wilson to breach Chris Jones’ team’s defense.

Unfortunately, their ruse failed, as Mike Edwards sacked Wilson for a loss. Rodgers, who flew across the country soon after getting clearance from doctors, was seemingly much frustrated for the loss like all the Jets fan base at that time. On camera, the 39-year-old was spotted slowly gazing up and placing his hands on his head.

The Jets remained without a point for the fourth straight game in the first quarter, but they quickly recovered. The score was 20-20 after the third quarter, which gave the Jets’ supporters hope for a surprise victory.

But at last the Jets had to accept the loss against Patrick Mahomes’ team and almost consider themselves out of the dash to the Super Bowl this season.


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