What is Joe Burrow’s total NFL career earnings? Exploring his Bengals’ salary, contract & more

Joe Burrow has been a beacon of optimism for the Cincinnati Bengals since he joined the organization, playing an instrumental role in securing two consecutive AFC North championships and a Super Bowl appearance. Prior to his arrival, the Bengals had not reached the Super Bowl since 1998 and had not won a postseason game since 1990.

In April, the Bengals wasted no time in picking up the fifth-year option for their franchise quarterback, fueling fan expectations of a mega deal. Their response was swift, unveiling a record-breaking contract for Burrow.

What is the total NFL earnings of Joe Burrow?

Before drafting Joe Burrow as the first overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Bengals, who had finished the previous season with just two wins, were the league’s worst team. Upon his arrival at the age of 26, Burrow took charge of the team’s offensive unit, instilling confidence in the quarterback room and reigniting hope at a time when dreams and expectations seemed to be fading.

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According to Spotrac, Joe Burrow earned an impressive $3,220,878 during his three seasons with the team, concluding his college career on a high note before embarking on his national-level career. His earnings for the years 2020, 2021, and 2022 stood at $535,878, $780,000, and $895,000, respectively.

In the current season, Joe is poised to earn $1,010,000, with a substantial increase to $10,714,000 next season. Looking ahead, he’s set to pocket $25,250,000 in both the 2025 and 2026 seasons. Remaining under contract with the Bengals until the 2029 season, the last three years of his contract will see him taking home $27,250,000, $35,500,000, and a remarkable $48,039,000, respectively.

What is Joe Burrow’ NFL contract and net worth in 2023?

With his aim to become the NFL’s best, Joe Burrow signed a 5-year, $275,000,000 contract extension with the Cincinnati Bengals in September of this year, including more than $219 million guaranteed. The 2022 Pro Bowler will get an average of $55 million annually from the agreement, which sets him ahead of other elite quarterbacks in the league who inked new deals throughout the summer.

Joe Burrow
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His deal is slated to offer him a $40,000,000 signing bonus and a roster bonus of $4,535,018. Before the record-breaking contract, he was under a fully guaranteed four-year, $36 million deal with the Bengals.

The dual-threat quarterback, who is dealing with a calf injury, had already set franchise marks for the Bengals’ single-season throwing yards (4,611), touchdown passes (35) pass attempts (606), and completions (414) before the season even began.

Nevertheless, the Bengals’ confidence in him is evident in his contract extension agreement, which guarantees that he will stay in Cincinnati for quite a while.

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