What is PGMOL getting scrutinized for multiple wrong decisions in the Premier League?

It’s often said that “to err is human (and machines),” and forgiveness can indeed be seen as a divine quality. The PGMOL has had to apologize for certain critical errors that some teams and their fans might find difficult to forgive. While the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) is in place to detect and correct mistakes that may go unnoticed by the human eye, it has also demonstrated its own fallibility.

Liverpool is the most recent team to be affected by a VAR error. In light of their unfortunate loss to Tottenham Hotspur, some of their fans are now calling for a replay of the match. However, it is uncertain whether PGMOL will accept this request despite their apologies.

What is PGMOL?

The PGMOL, which stands for Professional Game Match Officials Limited, is the professional organization in English football responsible for representing referees. It was previously known as the PGMOB (Professional Game Match Official Board). Established in 2001 when English referees turned professional, the PGMOL is tasked with overseeing matches in all English football leagues, including the Premier League.


The PGMOL is also responsible for officiating FA Association matches and competitions, including prestigious events like the FA Cup and the FA Community Shield.

Notably, Howard Webb, an iconic referee, currently serves as the Chief Refereeing Officer of the PGMOL. He has been an integral part of the organization since his retirement in 2014.

How many times has PGMOL apologized for wrong decisions in PL this season?

The PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Limited) has had to publicly acknowledge its mistakes on multiple occasions following incidents during football matches. The recently acknowledged mistake was in the Tottenham vs. Liverpool match.

While both teams were still tied, Luis Diaz received a through pass in the 34th minute and converted the pass. However, this goal was ruled out as offside.


A closer inspection of the goal revealed that Luis Diaz was played on by Cristian Romero, hence a major and decisive PGMOL error, leading to Liverpool’s loss.

The PGMOL has acknowledged a “significant” error made by VAR, as it failed to draw the lines to verify the offside decision. However, this is not the only time PGMOL has been admittedly found wanting

After Manchester United’s win over Wolves in the Premier League opener, Onana clattered into Kalajdzic in the box, an event that would have ordinarily resulted in a penalty. However, the Wolves manager was penalized instead for his protest on the sidelines. After the game, PGMOL’s Jonathan Moss did apologize for the mistake.

Tottenham’s 2-1 victory over Brighton was another occasion where PGMOL admitted their mistakes and apologized. Followed by Arsenal 1-1 Brentford on February 11, 2023, Crystal Palace 1-1, and Brighton on February 11, 2023, in no particular order.


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