What is RB team principal Laurent Mekie’s strategy to revamp F1 team’s management?

As the 2024 Formula One season approaches, with just a month remaining, teams are gearing up for a detailed comeback. The recently rebranded RB team is actively developing strategic plans to establish a competitive presence among all the other teams on the grid.

In the upcoming season, Laurent Mekie, RB’s team boss, has recently divulged a detailed and innovative management approach for the squad.

What is Laurent Mekie’s plan to reshape management?

Starting in 2024, Laurent Mekie will replace Franz Tost, who was associated with the team for 18 years, as the team principal in Visa Cash App RB. Previously, he had also worked as a Deputy Team Principal at Ferrari.

The Frenchman will be working together with CEO Peter Bayer this season and developing the team as a whole by making a fresh set of management plans, with the first Grand Prix of this season just a month away. Recently, Mekie has shared with the media how the duo plans to have a powerful comeback by saying, “The interaction is very, very good.”

“It’s a new project; we are not trying to copy the model of any other teams; we are the only team to have a team principal and a CEO at the same level, working hand in hand. We are applying the same approach to the rest of the organisation. We are not looking at copying what the other guys do.”

Further elaborating by stating, We are trying to do what we think is best for F1 now and what is going to be best for F1 tomorrow. And Peter is a great guy. We have very well-defined parameters for each of us to focus on.

Why did Alpha Tauri change its name to RB?

After four years, the team has finally abandoned the strategy of serving as a mobile advertising platform for Red Bull’s fashion brand, Alpha Tauri. However, this method failed to enhance clothing sales and involved significant investment.

Additionally, the death of co-founder Dietrich Mateschitz in 2022 has led to a revaluation of its commitment to F1. As a result, Alpha Tauri has been relinquished for a luring sponsorship deal with Visa and Cash App, saving Red Bull considerable cost but instead resulting in an unpopular rebrand.

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