What is the new NFL gambling policy enabling Lions WR Jameson Williams to return early from suspension?

Besides being home to some of the world’s top football players, the NFL is also serious about maintaining conduct policies, with the gambling policy being one of the most crucial. The league frequently updates its gambling policies to ensure they remain adaptable to new situations.

The NFL recently introduced a new, stricter policy on gambling for players. However, this new rule has brought good fortune to Detroit Lions WR Jameson Williams.

What is the new NFL gambling policy?

The NFL’s gambling policies are less strict for its players than the league personnel as they are the only league employees allowed to bet on any sport other than the NFL. Yet, the players are not allowed to place bets for gambling on non-NFL sports from within team facilities.

The league reportedly changed the aforementioned rule lately, as stated in a memo from Commissioner Roger Goodell. The new rule stipulates that betting on non-NFL sports while on team property or while on official team activities will now end up resulting in a two-game suspension without pay for a first infraction.


In addition, there are penalties of six games for a second infraction without compensation and a minimum one-year suspension without pay for a third infraction. As part of their updated policy, the NFL has also introduced a few new regulations. A player who bets on an NFL game involving their team will be suspended for at least two years, and if the bet is on any NFL game, it will result in at least a one-year suspension. The most severe adjustment to the regulation is that any player discovered attempting to manipulate or rig a game will face a permanent ban from the NFL.

Lions WR Jameson Williams to return early from suspension

It can be observed how strict the NFL is in reaction to its gambling policy. Since 2018, twelve players, at least one assistant coach, and an unspecified number of league employees have all received suspensions for violating the gambling policy. Players such as Williams of the Lions, Nick Petit-Frere of the Tennessee Titans, Stanley Berryhill, a free agent, and others initially received a six-game ban for placing wagers on non-NFL sports from team facilities.

However, the recently revised league gambling policy will enable these three players to return to the field more swiftly. In this process, Williams will be reinstated on Monday. Williams’ father, James shared his excitement after hearing the news with ESPN and also did not forget to convey his gratitude to the league commissioner for amending the policy.

“I was praying for it, and normally when I pray for things for my children, it normally comes to fruition. Everybody kept telling me that the NFL don’t do this and the NFL don’t do that, but Roger is a great guy, man. I love Roger.”

Williams is anticipated to be available to play on Sunday in the Lions’ Week 5 game against the Carolina Panthers as he is now scheduled to serve a four-week ban according to the revised gambling policy.

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