What is WWE cameramen’s expected salary? Cameraman Stu wows wrestling fans during The Miz’s John Cena segment

Most people don’t mention it enough, but the success of WWE’s weekly shows and premium live events heavily depends upon the cameramen of the company. There are a lot of people who don’t attend the shows of WWE and much rather prefer to watch it in the comfort of their home.

In fact, in the past few months, WWE has broken several records for total viewership of their shows online. All of this is made possible through the efforts of the entire crew of the company, especially the cameramen, who work hard to capture each and every moment. As a result, some of them have even gotten injured in the process. However, they never fail to capture the magical moments in WWE, which are celebrated by fans to this day.

What is WWE cameramen’s expected salary? Explained

When it comes to professional wrestling, the job of a cameraman is very crucial. If it wasn’t for them, any company could have gone bankrupt in a matter of months. Some of the cameramen are also sometimes acknowledged by some of the superstars, especially John Cena, who has a particular liking to one of WWE’s cameramen, Stu, who has been with the company for several years.

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The average salary of the cameramen in the Stamford-based promotion is approximately $59,000 per year. Also as an employee of the company, they might sometimes receive additional bonuses and benefits depending upon their work. In addition to this, a lot of cameramen are hired for hourly roles. They might earn around $28.36 per hour based on a few reports.

The success of WWE’s various shows and events heavily depends on the team and crew that work backstage, ensuring the successful execution of the media. In addition to this, the cameramen capture all the moments that take place during these shows. Apart from this, the salary of all the front-end workers are known to majority of the fans.

WWE Cameraman Stu impresses wrestling fans during The Miz’s John Cena segment

On Monday Night RAW this week, The Miz took part in a hilarious segment, where he brought the running gag of John Cena‘s famous quote “You Can’t See Me” to life.

During his segment this week, The Miz introduced John Cena as his guest on his show. However, the 16-time World Champion was not scheduled to appear on RAW this week. Amidst the confusion, Cena’s iconic theme music hit, however, he was nowhere to be seen.

It was actually a mockery of Cena’s famous catchphrase, which Miz used to the fullest extent. He exchanged a few words with ‘Cena’ and even hit a Skull-Crushing Finale on him, despite nobody being in the ring with him.

It was a rather hilarious segment, and in an unseen video, WWE cameraman Stu was seen mimicking John Cena’s entrance, despite nobody being there. This footage created a lot of laughs among the fans, who were impressed by his dedication to his job and his brilliant acting.

It’s worth mentioning that The Cenation Leader and Stu share a special bond, with Cena often addressing and greeting the cameraman during the majority of his entrances. The Miz on the other hand, issued a challenge to LA Knight, who he lost to at Payback last Saturday. Stay tuned for further updates on WWE.


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