What’s next for Bill Belichick after a terrible NFL 2023–24 season with the Patriots?

When Tom Brady left the New England Patriots and head coach Bill Belichick in 2019, the NFL community thought the team would need one or two seasons to ensure a successful transition period. The franchise tried to bank on the theory by selecting a new quarterback, Mac Jones. They even gave him a record-setting amount of guaranteed money as well, although their former charm just disappeared.

During the Brady era, the Patriots never once lost eight games in a single season. But this season, they have lost twelve matches until Week 17. As the team is grappling with a lackluster season, the future of Belichik after the end of the season becomes a focal point of discussion.

What’s next for Bill Belichick after horrific Patriots 2023-24?

For years, Bill Belichick stood as an indomitable force in NFL coaching, leading the Patriots to unprecedented success. However, the recent dismal performance of the team, concluding with a lackluster 4-12 record until Week 17, has cast a shadow of uncertainty over his future.

Rumors swirling around the Patriots’ organization suggest a parting of ways with the legendary coach at the season’s end. Tom Curran, a trusted insider of the franchise, brought this speculation to the forefront during a recent segment on “Arbella Early Edition.” Meanwhile, Patriots owner Robert Kraft, previously known for his unwavering loyalty to Belichick, has been notably reluctant about discussing the coach’s future during his recent appearances on ESPN’s College GameDay and the Pat McAfee show.

The Pats’ HC once envisioned a retirement before his 70s, saying, “I won’t be like Marv Levy and coaching in my 70s.” However, he later acknowledged a discrepancy between his previous statements and his current feelings. At 71, the veteran confessed to regretting his earlier declaration about retirement, hinting at a desire to continue coaching despite his earlier plans.

“I wish I hadn’t said that. I was probably thinking of what I would feel like. Now, there’s what I actually feel like, and those are two different things.”

Bill Belichick
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Should the reports of his departure from the Patriots be accurate, the straightforward path for Bill Belichick would involve retiring and awaiting his inevitable induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. However, as the vet didn’t mention his potential to bid adieu to the coaching job, he might be seen doing the same job on any other NFL team. It would be interesting and weird at the same time, as he has spent almost all his coaching career in the franchise.

Two possible destinations for Bill Belichick

As the Patriots are reportedly eyeing part ways with Bill Belichick, several destinations for the coach’s looms. Among the frontrunners are the Washington Commanders and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, both presenting unique opportunities for his next coaching chapter, via CBS Sports.

The commanders stand at the forefront of the race for the HC’s services. The appeal lies in the potential for him to wield total control over the team, much like his current role with the Patriots, where he also serves as a general manager.

Former NFL star Boomer Esiason recently endorsed Belichick as a strong candidate for the head coaching position with the Commanders. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk also fueled the speculation, saying the franchise might explore a trade with the Patriots to secure the veteran’s services after the season concludes.

The Buccaneers also show up as a potential landing spot for Belichick in the meantime. The team’s head coach, Todd Bowles, has come under scrutiny for a somewhat lackluster performance, despite currently leading the NFC South. There is a notable connection between Belichick and the Bucs front office, particularly with GM Jason Licht, who previously worked with Bill during his time with the Patriots. This connection raises the potential for a joint effort in building the team’s roster.

The Bucs have had a track record of successful collaborations with former Patriots staff, particularly highlighted by the arrival of Tom Brady. An NFL legend achieved the remarkable feat of winning a Super Bowl championship in his very first season with the team. The combination of Belichick’s coaching expertise and Licht’s strong management abilities has the potential to achieve similar levels of success.


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