When does Klay Thompson’s Warriors contract expire? Explaining his extension talks update

Klay Thompson has been a crucial member of the Warriors Dynasty with four Championship rings to his name. An absolute fan-favorite, Klay is beloved by the Dubs fans to the core. To watch him continue his NBA career with the Golden State Warriors is the exactly what fans want and it seems the player feels the same way.

His current contract with the Warriors will be running out by the end of the upcoming NBA season. However, Klay Thompson’s future with the Warriors remains somewhat uncertain as an extension seems to be still in talks.

When does Klay Thompson’s Warriors contract expire?

Klay Thompson signed a five-year contract extension with the Warriors on the 10th of July, 2019 and it will expire after the 2023-24 season. The contract was signed during the NBA off-season, and it was worth $189,903,600 over a course of five years. Thompson, who turned 34 in February, knows that he is close to the last year of his contract.

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Klay Thompson had been utterly significant in the Warriors’ four championship wins. Thompson has also experienced difficulties as of late, especially on the defensive end of the court. He has sustained several injuries including an Achilles rupture that made him not play for an entire season. These injuries have indeed slowed his progress. Klay made a comeback in the 2021–22 season. He played 32 games and averaged 29.4 minutes per game. That was the lowest since he started his rookie season.

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Despite these challenges, Thompson is determined to stay with the Warriors and wants to play basketball after his current deal expires. Although Thompson’s role and compensation expectations may need to be changed, the organization and the player are expected to discuss contract extension options.

Klay Thompson provides update on Warriors extension

Klay Thompson recently provided an update on the ongoing negotiations with the Golden State Warriors regarding a contract extension. He stated that it would still take some time for them to decide whether to extend the deal or not. While expressing hope that the extension would be signed soon, he also voiced contentment with whatever the future holds for him.

“I think it’s possible (that a contract extension will be signed next month), and if not, life is still great like I’m playing basketball in my 13th year in the NBA. So, I have no complaints about whatever the future has in store.”

Both Klay Thompson and the Warriors are keen on him staying with the team, but certain complexities are at play. His request for a maximum extension, valued at $270 million over five years, has not been immediately accepted due to his recovery from serious injuries. Thompson expressed gratitude for the amazing experiences he has shared with the squad, despite rumors surrounding his future.

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